PSO-Based Optimum Design Of PID Controller for Switching Reluctance Motor


This paper presents simulation results for three phase, 6/4 poles switched reluctancemotor (SRM) by using particle swarm optimization (PSO) method for formative theoptimal proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller tuning parameters.Theproposed approach has superior feature, including easy implementation, stableconvergence characteristics and very good computational performances efficiency.The main focus of this paper is to investigate the dynamic performance of switchedreluctance (SR) motors. This investigation is achieved through simulation usingMATLAB/SIMULINK. Digital simulation results show that the designed (PSO) havea good dynamic behaviour of the motor, a perfect speed tracking with no overshootand a good rejection of impact loads disturbance. The results of applying the (PSO)mode controller to a SRM give best performances and high robustness than thoseobtained by the application of others controller. The obtained results of the closed loopPSO-PID response shows excellent performance with respect to the PID controller.