Aluminum Filler Content Effect on the Dynamic Behavior of Sandwich Panel Subjectedt Impact Load


Experimental investigations had been done in this work to demonstrate the effect ofaluminum filler contents on the dynamic behavior of (30%) weight fraction glass-polyestersandwich panel under low velocity impact. The composite sandwich panels aremanufactured using the honeycomb core and laminated composite face sheets. The wethand layup technique is used. The mechanical properties were tested based on ASTM D-638. The panel is fixed from three sides and the other is free. The impact load is applied.The dynamic response of the plate is measured using vibration data collector (TVC 200).The panel is supported also on a rigid foundation. The steel impactor of 15 kg weightdropped from 2 m height. The deformation is measured using vernier caliper. The resultsshowed that the mechanical properties are improved when the aluminum filler contentincreased up to 5% and then decreased after that. The dynamic behaviors have the same butdiffer in magnitude. The minimum deflection and deformation takes at 5% filler content forboth face and core. At 5% filler content the deflection and deformation decreased by 20%and 56% respectively less than the unfilled panel. The effects of using different faces withthe same core have a little variation.