Development of a Computer System to Find the Productivity of the Road Finisher


The infrastructures are one of the basic elements which reflect nation’sdevelopment; therefore infrastructures are the main concern for all of the Officialsresponsible for development and maintenance of infrastructures. Preceding from thisfact the main goal of the researcher is to build a management system, base on siteinvestigation for pavement plants in several projects, to study their productivity andtrying to improve them.After the completion of data collection for all plants which were used for roadpavements, and process these data, several factors were found which affect theirproductivity.Based on the above, many suggestions were made, that will rise the productivity ofthese plants such as systematic planning, determine the requirements for the tracks thatis used, types and number of rollers and finishers, number of compacting, speed offinisher, and gang size. All these factors may insure a good execution for the work, andalso the construction of height production asphalt patching plants, maintenance,monitoring, daily tracking, training courses for the staff, provision of spare parts.An equation is determined for the optimum number of tracks, and also anotherequation for daily productivity per ton for the finisher is determined.Idle time for the finisher is determined, from the collected data, and from thefinisher speed which was estimated in the finisher manual, and the asphalt layerthickness and density, equals to (18%) in the branches and (22%) in the main roads.The researcher is also determined a computer program for calculating the finisherproductivity depending on the surrounding environments.