Studying the Parameters of EDM Based Micro- Cutting Holes Using ANOVA


Micro -EDM is one of an important method in machining holes which is used in wideapplications to fabricate medical devices and small dies. This work study the process ofproducing micro holes for copper alloy workpieces using, stainless steel electrodeand dielectric solution (tap water), using DC current and low voltage (70V) to cut(0.7mm) thickness of copper (Cu) alloy workpieces in order to obtain the micro holes.This work included an experimental work for electrical discharge machining(EDM) to produce micro holes with different diameters (400, 300, 210, 200, 120,100, 85, 75, 70) μm.The objective of this work is to obtain an optimal setting of EDM parameters toproduce micro holes in copper alloy to achieve the optimal values of required holesdiameters.A regression model has been developed to represent this process. An approachhas been made to optimize the process parameters (current, gap distance, machiningtime) using ANOVA analysis. This analysis was performed to obtain the mostsignificant factors influencing the production of micro holes.