Effect of Filler Type on some Physical and Mechanical Proparties of Carbon Fibers / Polyester Composites


In the present study, traditional and hybrid composites were prepared by Hand lay-upmolding and investigated. The composites constituents were unsaturated polyester resinas the matrix, 3% and 6% volume fractions of carbon fibers as reinforcement and 3% ofAl2O3, Al, Cement and local Gypsum (calcium sulfate anhydrate CaSO4) as fillerparticles. The investigated physical properties were density, porosity while themechanical properties were tensile properties, bending modulus of elasticity. Theexperimental results showed that increased volume fraction of carbon fibers to (6%) ledto increase in physical properties (density, porosity. As for the mechanical properties,carbon fiber composites and (3% carbon fibers/Al2O3)-contained hybrid composites gavethe higher tensile and fracture strength, carbon fiber then gypsum composites gave thehigher bending modulus.