A Study of Mechanical Properties of Polymethl Methacrylate Polymer Reinforced by Silica Particles (Sio2)


In this research the mechanical properties of PMMA polymer reinforced byceramic particles (silica) has been investigated. Many tests are performed on thesecomposites. The effects of the particles size and volume fraction on the mechanicalproperties which include: ultimate tensile strength, elongation percentage, modulusof elasticity, bending modulus, flexural strength, max. shear stress, impact strengthand fracture toughness were studied.Statistical and mathematical analyses were used to the processing of theexperimental data. Mathematical models were done which show the mechanicalproperties of composite materials as a function of particles size and volumefraction.The results had revealed that the values of modulus of elasticity, elongationpercentage, tensile strength, bending modulus and max. shear stress increase withthe addition of SiO2 particles and with the increase of the volume fraction of themand its reach the maximum value at (12% vol.) and (25 mm) particles size. Thevalues of fracture toughness and impact energy decrease with increase of volumefraction. Silica particles with small particles size improved these properties morethan that of large particles size.