Investigation of Correlation and Prediction of Excess Molar Volume Using Different Equations of States


Prediction and correlation of accurate value of excess molar volume VE are ofgreat interest for adequate design of industrial process and for theoriticalpurpose.Soave RedlichKwong (SRK-EOS), Peng-Robinson (PR-EOS), and Peng-Robinson-Stryjek-Vera (PRSV-EOS) are selected.Five Mixing Rules are appliedon different groups systems of different polarity which are: Conventional MixingRules, Quadratic Mixing Rules, Adachi and SugieMixing Rules,a modified Adachiand Sugie mixing rules. Another tried method to extend the applicability of CEOSby usingthe best applicable EOS from the three selected EOS with the PRSV-EOSwith a new correlation method thatuses Excess Gibbs free energy (GE) and Huron-Vidal Method.Also by means of using Huron-Vidal Mixing Rules (HV) .theHuron-Vidal Method is developed by using an adjustable parameter hij.Thedeveloped applied method gave very acceptable results for binary mixtures. To findthe applicability of the gated constant for different group families; same constantsof the binaries which confirm the ternary system are quite well applicable tocalculate VE data for ternary system with very reasonable accuracy.