Studying the Affect of Current on (MRR) and (EW) in Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)


The experimental work of this study leads with electro discharge machining(EDM). A system for machining in this process has been developed. Manyparameters are studied such as current, dielectric fluid, thickness of the workpiece.The main aim of this work is to calculate the metal removal rate (MRR), electrodewear (EW) using copper electrode when machining stainless steel 304 specimensof thickness (0.4, 0.5, 1mm). Different current rates are used ranging from (10, 15,20, 25, 30)Amp, and using tap water as a dielectric solution, it found that lowcurrent gives a less material removal rate and electrode wear while high currentgives a high material removal rate and electrode wear, the dielectric fluid ischanged in order to enhance results. The results show that maximum MRR isachieved 1.01164mm3/min when machining thickness of workpiece 0.4mm andusing electrode of copper metal which gives minimum EW 0.04gm, while whenusing thickness 0.5mm it gives MRR 0.43828mm3/min and EW 0.12gm, forthickness 1mm the MRR 0.33964mm3/min and EW is 0.11gm. The results showalso that using distilled water as a dielectric fluid with copper electrode andthickness of workpiece 0.5mm gives minimum MRR 0.13854mm3/min and lessEW 0.08gm compared with using tap water.