Al-Sayid Hasen Mudaris & His Political Role in Iran 1870-1937


Imam God Hassain Moders adapt of impotart role pivotal in Iran during his life and his engage in many from impotaut decisions politicals and economic , he start house of shoraw (Parliameat) national by statement active member and opposion towards tyranny that it worked by governments Iran in this time , and against found occupation in every kinds.But he not stay his role in house of representatives , but his work with poople in protestant , and result this he Imam to many penalize and enter the prisons during long periods .The busy and inspire or fill with to Imam defence to independence iran and appreans or removel (tip off) plans of policy of British in iran sinc sign agreement august 1919 , his minfesto or telegram that against this policy and his defence , in order to refuse obligazition that it is tired nation in iran . and also his note role in during period that after rebelin faburary 1921 , his opposion to policy state and he defence to right of nation iranism unitl when matter fall family Qajar , he opinin to this matter and he took his your self appeance circumstances policy Ridha Khan and his wish or desine in rule in iran , and continun imam god Moderes in this ward that rise his during rule Ridh Shah Pahlave and by agreat from post , and his opposion by strong strategy that his adiministrative by modern society in iran and westernism , but his eause this attitude overpag jis life and deau price to this attitudes , that is assassination by from mens safety iranism by order from Shah Redh Pahlave after arrest to many years age , and this result finish important stage from stages conflict or struggle between inistitution of religion in iran and tiles monarchy in iran .