التعاقد عبر البريد الالكتروني وإثباته


AbstractContracting via e-mail and its confirmation E-mail is to use the internet as an office mail since internet sends pictures, files, and programs to anyone who has an e-mail and can also receive messages and pictures and programs from any other user of internet.At the present time e-mail has been used to conclude contracts, for example, any company may send advertising messages for its products through the internet and recieve offers from people who may interest, eventually reach to the conclusion of the contract.And we will discuss this issue on the three axes, first axis focuse on the concept of -mail and its advantages and flaws besides ownership rights,The second axis deals with the conclusion of the contract via e-mail and its compatibility with the general rules of contracting or are there special rules for its conclusion.The third axis deals with the confirmation of e-mail contracts, as there are several ways to confirm it such as electronic writing and electronic signature.