Topographic Images Classification Considering Color Information


In image classification, color information improves the classification accuracy of the colored features. In this proposed system, Digital Topographic Image Classification (DTIC) in this research depending on the features produce from color information for entry image for classification algorithm. Therefore, Proposed a method to classified topographic image, this method including three levels, first level it to relied on the information of color that represent RGB values basically , second level is an introduced into the Covariance Matrix to find the properties of images of geography (Topographic) entered and to which they belong such color information for each class , and finally, third level use these properties ( it will be store in database system)in the classification of entered test images digital geographic and identification of its class that Image of geography. Classification system was performed on many digital color images of geography(Topographic) and that have proved successful in patients, were, 73 images was success from 90 images entered into system.