Resistance Watermarks in Colored JPG Images


Become a process of protecting intellectual property rights for multimedia files take a great deal of attention of researchers. And made the interest of research on the style in which to maintain the watermark generating digital images and meet the challenges that can be exposed.Most common examples of the watermark is the presence of certain patterns in digital files that can be seen only when you highlight and logos in the background document of the printed text. Techniques watermarks to prevent counterfeiting and unauthorized repetition of material.This paper proposes a means of protecting copyright color JPG images in the settlement of the situation. The proposed scheme encodes the layers of the image jpg watermark before integration and the promotion of tolerance in order to improve the attacks. This differs from traditional systems and watermarks on the supply of water directly to include images host. The proposed uses layers of secrecy with the functionality of the host image by wavelet transform to separate image layers to produce extracts. Testing, programming and testing of the proposed research was carried out through the package code and MatLab2008 and results that have been addressed in the steadfastness of the end of the research proposed the idea in front of a lot of threats.