Study The Effect of Aqueous Extract of Piper nigrum on Some physiological parameters and Histopathological in Female Rabbit Induced Gastric Ulceration by Aspirin


This study was carried out at the animal house of the College of Veterinary Medicine-Basrah University. An attempt was done to induce gastric ulceration by using oral administration of 400 mg/kg B.W. of aspirin. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of aqueous extract of Piper nigrum (500 mg/kg B.W.) on hematological and biochemical parameters and histopathological examination of liver, stomach in female rabbits induced gastric ulceration. Twenty four female rabbits weighted (1250-1500g) and ages (7m) were divided into 4 equal groups (6 rabbits/group). The aspirin and aqueous extract of Piper nigrum were administered daily for 30 days and blood samples were collected for analyses.Treatment of rabbits for 30 days with 400 mg/kg B.W. of aspirin caused significant (p<0.05) reductions in RBC,WBC, PCV, Hb, DWBC relative to their respective controls; but caused significant (p<0.05) increments in the activities of AST and ALT relative, creatinin and bilirubin to their respective controls. On the other side aspirin+Piper nigrum extract, Piper nigrum extract groups showed a significant increase in RBC,WBC, PCV, Hb but showed a significant decrease in the glucose, cholesterol and activities of AST and ALT relative. These observations showed that aqueous extract of Piper nigrum possess antiulcer potential.Aspirin was found to cause stomach erosion, mucosal injury, infiltration of inflammatory cells and an increase in gastric pits depth. In addition to degenerated parietal and chief cells which clearly seen near the muscularis mucosa. While the stomach sections related to animals treated with extract and aspirin (400mg/kg.dose) showed mild mucosal injury, little number of congested blood vessels, mild infiltration of leucocytes in submucosa and no haemorrhage. Also an increase in mucus layer thickness which covers the surface mucosal layer, compared with animals treated with aspirin only. These findings probably indicates that aspirin have deleterious effect on the blood chemistry of female rabbits. The results of the effect of aqueous extract of Piper nigrum (alone) revealed lack of any effect of treatment with aqueous extract of Piper nigrum(500 mg/kg) was found to inhibit the ulcers induced by aspirin. It prevented the increase of gastric acid secretions, depletion of stomach wall mucus and prevented the histological changes caused by aspirin. It might be related to the stimulation of bioenergetic processes in the gastric epithelium under the influence of Piper.