المسارج في بلاد آشور


Abstract:By reading this research we can come with a lot of results which can be summarized by:1)The vestigial excavation which has been done at certain ancient location in Iraq discovered the presence of a large number of ancient candles or lamps with different shapes and designs, some was from fictile and others made from metals such as brass, bronze, some was like a human shape, others like certain animals..2)Ancient Iraqis was used different materials as a fuels for their lamps such as oils like (sesame oil), also the ancient Iraqis widely used the crude petroleum (cages oil) as a lamp fuel because it was cheep and available.3)The wicks of lamps at that time was named (qirivu) and was used widely, some times the ancient Iraqis put the used oils directly into the lamps while its lightened therefore a thin layer of carbon was covering such lamps when they were discovered.4)The Assyrians widely used the colored and heated lamp which was found in a lot of Assyrians locations in Iraq; it was made from different shapes and sizes such as circular or ovoidal.5)One of the most famous lamps used by the Assyrians was the brassy lamp which found in different Assyrians locations in Iraq.From the above we can conclude that the lamp was one of the most important ways of lightening in ancient Iraq.It was used with the wicks, and it still the most important and available way of lightening in Iraq till the beginning of the twentieth century.. خلاصة البحث: