Safety and Security as an Urban Challenge in Residential Environment*Al- Saadoon as case study


Architects and urban designers face many dilemmas when they designed anyresidential complex or a suitable residential environment, and these dilemmas orproblems were represented with a batch of urban challenges that are associated withthe rapid development of the cities and may become obstacle in front of them whendesigning and implementing their projects. Some international organizationsincluding the United Nations, has raised some of these problems and put solutions tothem, while others are still marginal or without radical solutions. Research hassubmited the most important challenges in residential environment and categorisedthem into three main types, namely, (urban challenges associated with human need,urban challenges associated with residential environment, and urban challenges at theurban level). One of the most important challenges that must be taken intoconsideration when designing is the chellenge of providing safety and security inresidential environment, where the need of security and safety represents one of themost basic human needs that provides human tranquility and a sense of stability whenavailable.The research problem was that there was no clear vision about the role of spacialorganization to achieve safety and security in residential environment. The researchaims to identify the elements of spacial organization in raising the level of safety andsecurity in the residential environment, and it based in achieving this goal tohypothesis, which is spacial organization had role in raising the level of safety andsecurity in the residential environment through its local and globale characterstics.The research had identified the impact of special organization charachterstics onraising the level of safety and security in the residential environment, also it came outwith new items which were not mentioned previously, those are (Visibility), (VisualDepth) and (Visual Integration) and the impact of those items on the availability ofresidential safety and security.The research had identified the most important variables affecting the humansense of security and safety, it also concluded that achieving security (which ispsychological) comes through the availability of security (which is materialistic)resulting from the design and its vocabularies, one of it is the vocabularies of spacialorganization and the synthetic properties of urban structure.