The Writing in Ancient Iraq


1- The cuneiform is the most important civilized product achieved by ancient Iraqi human, and it comes on the top of the Elementary proofs for the civilized maturity in Iraq and it was obvious in the third century (BC)2- What distinguishes the writing that invented by ancient Iraqi people was their usage and their depending on the clay which they used a pure kind with no stuff with some negativities of the clay in contrary of Nile valley people which they used the Papyrus, wood and other stuffs.3- The writer was the most important man in the ancient Iraqi society and usually was among the Clergy and then he became VIP because he was indispensable man for businessmen .4-The ancient Iraqi writer was writing on the clay blocks with wooden or sugarcane cut with triangle head, he fills one side and after it dry he fills the other side. He was using a wet cloth piece to cover the clay block 5- The clay blocks kept in baskets made by clay and sugarcane cuts and enclosed with identity card shows the contents.6- It was honor for European scientists whom visited the Ancient East area to know it`s civilization in interpreting the cuneiform , the interpreting of the cuneiform was so difficult which produce a new science known as Assyrian science which studied in universities by this science specialist .7- The clay was not the only stuff in writing but there was materials used in different degrees and in different eras for writing and one of these was stone and metals.