Vocational adjustment and its relationship to violence at generating physical education teachers in the province of Babylon


Compatibility professional is one of the concepts of psychological, social and educational mission with educational bodies and educational and teaching especially teachers of Physical Education for its importance and active role in reducing the incidence of negative effects of psychological caused by working conditions of sporting activities and competitions , and affect vocational adjustment in the range the continuation of a physical education teacher in professional performance and stay away as much as possible to follow the behavior of unwanted , and of the most important goals identified boil differences with statistical significance of the compatibility of vocational and school violence by (length of service) at the school of physical education in the province of Babylon in addition to recognize any relationship relational compatibility between professional and school violence among physical education teachers in the province of Babylon, and the researcher concluded that the sample in question did not enjoy school violence additionally for the enjoyment of professional consensus and there is no correlation between school violence and vocational adjustment of the sample.