Changes in Viability,Vigor andRelative Growth Rate (RGR), in Okra(AbelmoschusesculentusL.)seeds during accelerated Ageing Technique


Reduction of seedling growth is a consequence of seed deterioration. An experiment was conducted to evaluate the effects of duration of seed aging on Okra (AbelmoschusesculentusL.) seeds germination characteristics.Experiment conducted as completely randomized design with 3 replications. Seeds were subjected to accelerated aging treatment for, 3, 7 and 10 day at 45 ±1 C° and 100% relative humidity. These artificially aged seeds were compared to control (Unaged seeds) for evaluation of seed vigor.Accelerated aging of Okra seeds up to three days had significant effect on germination percentage. Increase ageing period caused highly seed moisture content, electrolyte leakage (in term electrical conductivity EC) and decreased in germination percentage. Germinability waslost completely at 10 days of ageing. The accelerated ageing caused in addition of reducing germination percentage, they caused reduction in seedling length, seed vigor index, germination speed index,and shoot, rootfresh & dry weight.Finally, the results revealed that accelerated aging caused depression of Okra seeds viability through the above parameters