Pricing Policies and it's Impact on Customer Satisfaction


The research aims to find out the role that practiced pricing policies in access to customer satisfaction by analyzing opinions sample of managers in some organizations the industrial city of Mosul, a(company Household Furniture, General Company for the manufacture of medicines and medical supplies) and numbered (40)Director of different sections, research on model Default certified on the assumption major effect (there is a correlation and impact between pricing policies and customer satisfaction), was chosen as the model scheme research and hypotheses using some statistical methods and distributions repeatability and percent ages and mean and standard deviation for the description and diagnosis of variables, as well as the use of correlation and multiple regression Search to test the hypothesis, research have reached a series of conclusions which under scores obtained, and concludes research has included a set of proposals necessary for the research community, including:The need for organization measure customer satisfaction in their goods and services through the conducting of surveys of the number of customers.