Treatment Tourism Elements in al-Najaf Al- Ashraf Governorate


The planning for tourism development at least as important as planning for the rest of the economic activity , and so what 's of great importance to tourism in regional development in terms of economic and social development , environmental and reflected positive effects on the region's development and prosperity And take tourism multiple forms , and these forms of medical tourism , which has a role in attracting capital that can be invested in the construction of tourism projects , and in which they can get jobs to run , who have the capacity and efficiency at work , and despite the exposure of tourist activity in Iraq to economic constraints the major security but political will and material resources to pay to go to the adoption of tourism an important tributary of the tributaries of the economy and perhaps the decision to establish the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is evidence of this trend and interest after it was a small body in one of the ministries earlier Given the importance of tourism to the national economy and the role of a role in the development of integrated by increasing the balance of the state of the foreign exchange and improve the balance of payments deficit Najaf province characterized Brouage tourist activity religious goal of religious shrines that spread dramatically in the province and visited by millions of Visitors Arabs and Muslims from all over the world, but rely solely on this tourist activity Does not achieve economic integration is required , especially as the province of Najaf has potential natural and human tourist ore has not been invested in tourism , which requires the development of plans and scientific studies that help in the formulation of economic policies of the state in the coming years . to ensure the development of eco-tourism and tourism attractions archaeological and cultural tourism festivals .