Modification of RC5 Algorithm for Image Encryption


Abstract – Encryption is mainly used to transmit the data over networks. There are so many techniques introduced which are used to protect the confidential image data from any unauthorized access. Multimedia data contains different types of data that includes text, audio, video, graphic, and images with the increasing use of multimedia data over internet; here comes a demand of secure multimedia data. Most of the encryption algorithm available is generally used for text data and not suitable for multimedia data. In this paper 256-bit RC5 in quadrate design has been proposed. It is a secret-key block cipher that uses good features of RC5 algorithm using another overall structure design. In RC5 quadrate design of F-functions will be used instead of rounds. To ensure improving the encryption performance; mainly for images characterized by reduced entropy, the implementation of both techniques has been realized for experimental purposes. Comparative study with traditional encryption algorithms shows the superiority of the modified algorithm..Keywords – Cryptography, Image Encryption, RC5, Quadrate Design,