Real estate contracts sale of Property from The Old Babylonian era BC (2004- 1595)


(Abstract Research)The texts of the buying and selling are many and varied , diversity of materials movable and immovable property , especially in the old Babylonian period (2004-1595 BC.M) , movable materials are agricultural materials such as grain, various kinds and industrial products of animal such as leather , wool , etc., as well as slaves and the slave women which can be transferred from one person to another , as well as moved from one place to another, but the material which is unable transported as real estates and homes , fields , shops and others such as those that can not be moved from one place to another , but are subject to the transfer of ownership and use of one person to another , this is what can launch a label by the term (Real Estate ) are houses , fields and arable land or unfit for cultivation and Land and other territories of various kinds .