Evaluation of some drip irrigation systems under the influence of different operating pressures


A study in the Anbar town of hit/to evaluate some drip irrigation systems by using dot T-Tape, GR and Turbo under the influence of operating pressure 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 kPa, irregular verbs , Distribution Uniformity and Emission Uniformity were measured . The results showed an increase in the rate of discharge emitters with operational pressure moral and all types of emitters and reached its highest discharge rate 5.7 l. h-1 when using T-Tape when an operating pressure of 60 kPa. Moral heterogeneity decreased with increased operational pressure Turbo type, while the increase in variation after your pressure 40 kPa type T-Tape and GR.Increased values of the coefficient of uniformity and consistency of emission with the operating pressure of the Turbo type, while lower values when the operating pressure higher than 40 kPa type T-Tape and GR.