Study of some causes of facilities infertility for frequent abortion in women


in hospital Al alwia for childbirth and revisions to the hospital, Kamal al-Samaria in Baghdad and a control group consisting of 20 women possess children without loss of pregnancy and non-positive other disease women, ranged in age women in the two groups between (20-42) years.The study lasted from February 2011 until September 2012.Serological and hormonal parameters was conducted of women in the two groups using the method of examination absorption immune enzyme-linked (ELISA) assy to the detection of T.gondii spesific IgM and Ant Toxo IgG Ab in the serum of women, as was the use of the analytical technique of radiation to link to enzymatic (ELFA) Enzyme linked Fluoresent Assay by a Mini-VIDAS .To detect the level of female hormones (stimulating hormone follicle FSH hormone Alloitni LH hormone milk PRL hormone progesterone progesterone hormone estradiol Estradiol in the blood serum of the two groups, and used test method radioimmunotherapy (RIA) Radio immune Assay to measure thyroid hormones, TSH. T4, T3.