Ottoman strategy in North Africa in the sixteenth century


. The researcher had taken up in this study the Ottoman strategy in north Africa in sixteenth century from Morocco to Algeria and Tunis to Serit Gulf , this area is dominating on eastern Mediterranean see which was named Cruisers share , and it faced Italy ,France and Spain, was preferred with its economic activity because its connection with the back large desert Africa, and connected with Europe trance Mediterranean see in another side .This area had connected with economic and political European developments in the beginning of modern periods , because its geographical nearness, first , and it became sanctuary of the fugitive Muslims and Jews from Spain and Portugal, whereof became it Altruistic Muslim focus of attentions, practically Barbarossa's Family who were due in diligence and activity and insistence to attach this area with Strategic of Ottoman Empire which became universality state in sixteenth century , and its forces were fighting in three continent in the same time. The Ottomans directed to this area after Barbarossa Family had surmount the obstacles, and they had imposed them domination and them authority and military supremacy, and the western part of Mediterranean see became ones of territories which the Ottomans had from it advanced to result upon military and political developments in the western part of Europe during sixteenth century, particularly Sultan Suleiman the first who had appreciated Barbarossa Family's efforts, then he incorporated them efforts within his state, this incorporation was produced active dynamic strategy , not in north Africa only ,but on all the world in that time .