Predicting Of Wind Speed In North Area Of Iraq


In this paper, we use the correlation between the wind speed average and ambient temperature to develop models for predicting wind potentials for in three from five locations in northern area of Iraq (Tikrit,Biji,and Mousl). Assuming that the troposphere is a typical heterogeneous mixture of ideal gases, we find that wind speed have clearly good correlation with ambient temperature in two locations, which are Tikrit and Biji by simple polynomial of 3rd degree but this equation is not exactly considered in Mosul station. The coefficient of determination and root-mean-square error of the models are (0.92; 0.20), (0.821;0.37), and (0.573;0.28), for Tikrit, Biji and Mosul respectively. These results suggest that the temperature-based model can be used, with acceptable accuracy, in predicting potential wind needed for preliminary design assessment of wind energy conversion devices in Tikrit and Biji and other locations with similar meteorological conditions.