Singularity Analysis of Parallel Robot with Six Degrees-Of-Freedom of Six Legs


This paper suggests a mathematical solution to parallel manipulator with six degrees of freedom and follows the movement on a specific track to evaluate the singularity position. Mathematical equation was derived based on the fundamental principles of the coordinate and orientation vectors of the moving platform center.According to this equation, each leg length was calculated. It means that the independent coordinates (linkage length) was calculated with respect to the dependent coordinates (coordinate and orientation of the moving platform center) by using (MathCad 14) software.By solving the forward kinematics, the coordinate and orientation of the moving platform center were evaluated when this center was moving in a specific track. The center of moving platform moved between two points.When the robot moved using animated program turns the moving platform to imaginary at (position 4), when lose control of the robot and this is a big problem occurs in special cases when the movement of the robot is called singularity.