Generation Output Routing and Shares in the Iraqi 400kV Power Gird


With the power systems deregulation and the introduction of competition in the electricity supply industry, it has become important to answer many questions such questions are; How much power of a certain generator is received by a particular load? What pattern of flow these powers are following and how they are traversing the transmission network? How to charge the system loads for the system losses? Is it required to charge the generation for the system losses too? This work describes a method to answer such questions. It starts by conventional load flow solution at a particular generation and load profiles. Then, the generated active powers are traced from generators to loads via the transmission system in directions and values using the proportionality principles. A matlab programs are developed for calculating the power generation shares in loads and links flows. The programs are verified using a literature documented IEEE 30-bus test system. The programs are then applied on the Iraqi 400kV power grid and results appeared of relevance to planning and economic studies.