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Journal of International studies

مجلة دراسات دولية / تصدر عن مركز الدراسات الأستراتيجية والدولية

ISSN: 19929250
Publisher: Baghdad University
Faculty: center for strategic and international studies
Language: Arabic

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Journal of international studies is a specialized quarterly, and acknowledged Journal published by center for international studies which is concerned by the international and strategic affairs , as it published researches about international and strategic relationship for Asia,Africa,Europe and America .
The Journal publishes the researches that depend on the scientific techniques in writing documentation ,objectivity and accuracy according to the followed scientific and academic rules.
Its also published the reviews of books and thesis as it covers the scientific seminars and conference

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Table of content: 2008 volume: issue:36



The interested influential institution in making the American strategy in Iraq
المؤسسات المعنية والمؤثرة في وضع الاستراتيجية الامريكية الخاصة بالعراق


The consequences of the American military exsistance in Iraq at security level
تداعيات الوجود العسكري الامريكي في العراق على المستوى الامني

The future of Iraq -American relation according the current American strategy
مستقبل العلاقات العراقية-الامريكية في ظل الاستراتيجية الامريكية الراهنة

the American strategy and its impact on the social and security situation in Iraq
الاستراتيجية الامريكية واثرها على الوضع الامني والاجتماعي في العراق

The future of the American strategy in Iraq between continuity and change
مستقبل الاستراتيجية الامريكية في العراق بيـن الاستمرارية والتغيير

Authors: Amir H.Aowad عامر هاشم عواد
Pages: 167-184

Table of content: volume: issue:36