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Table of content: 2013 volume:2 issue:7

HVAC magnetic effect of water in the wash soil salts ionic balance
اثر التكييف المغناطيسي للمياه في غسل أملاح التربة والتوازن ألايوني


In a series of experiments to test the technical magnetism to address water quality for the purposes of washing salts soil , was conducted ten laboratory experiments for the columns in the soil in the laboratories of the Department of Soil and Water Resources in the College of Agriculture, University of Baghdad , the situation in each column of 1000 g soil with tissues Silt Clay loam containing 120 Sand Greene and 580 and 300 g . Kg -1 clay and the average density of virtual Mika 1.36 grams . -3 M and the electrical conductivity of the extract ( 1: 1) 4.2 Dacisamenz . M -1 and the SAR = 5.7 ( mmol . Liter -1) ½ included all the experience of the ten tests of two types of water washing water and river water puncture and this represents the main factor (A) to experience the panels splinter . The secondary factor (B) evolved to include a magnetic water treatment ( magnetization ) and lack of magnetization .          After each wash experience flying full columns for the purpose of analysis work after dry columns. The first experiment took as one wash and experience the tenth took ten washes and analyzed statistically using the experience of the tenth design panels dissident . Used in the washing process river water 1.1 Dacisamenz . W1 and salty water puncture 5.2 Dacisamenz . W1 and the waters of the magnetic Dacisamenz 1.12 . W1 and water puncture magnetic 5.3 Dacisamenz . W1 and four replications .         Magnetic therapy has been using the technology of Bio. Magnet Bi. Polar system using magnets manufactured locally strongly in 1500 gauss and a diameter of 2 Lang discharge 5000 liters . -1 Hour laboratory analyzes were performed to extract the necessary soil (1:1) and of electrical and Pallaisalah interaction of soil and concentration of positive and negative ions dissolved in the soil and the expense of the SAR. The results showed that the use of the river water in the washing led to a significant decrease in the values ​​of conductivity electrical and concentration of sodium, calcium , magnesium, potassium , chlorine, sulfates and bicarbonates dissolved in the columns of soil study compared water drainage salty as the percentage of drop ( 64.9 , 73, 41.5 and 38.4 and 42.7 and 54.5 and 78.3 and 61.1 % , respectively) , and the results suggest the low statistical moral values ​​of conductivity electrical and concentration of each of sodium, calcium , magnesium, potassium , chlorine, sulfates and bicarbonates when using treated water magnetically in washing analogy water untreated and the percentage of low 31 and 40.8 and 21.1 and 24.3 and 27.5 and 33.9 , 32 and 32 %, respectively .        The results also show significant increase of the interaction of soil pH when using the river water in the washing compared to the use of water drainage and the percentage of rise of 1.8% . A significant effect of the factor magnetization in the high interaction of soil pH When washing water treatment magnetically compared using normal water in the washing and the percentage of high 1.3% .


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