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journal of Human Sciences

مجلة العلوم الانسانية

ISSN: 19922876
Publisher: Babylon University
Faculty: Education / Safi Al-DainAl-Heliy
Language: Arabic and English

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Humanities Journal

HJ is a precise scientific journal issued by College of Education for Humanities and started in 2010 to emit the rays of light to different research in both Arabic and English.
Before all, it is seasonal published four times a year.the scientific evaluation of all the researches are done at the hand of experts specialized academically and linguistically from inside and abroad.
One of the achievements the journal exudes is to issue a version exclusive to the yearly scientific conference into which many researchers, from Iraq and other countries participate. In the aggregate, the journal reaches fruition ,as it receives many notes of appreciation from Iraq and other countries for the meritorious efforts.

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Table of content: 2013 volume:1 issue:17

An Evaluation of the Postgraduate Proficiency Tests of English in the University of Kerbala


Testing plays a vital role in the teaching/learning process. Learners have to know what they have achieved in a second or foreign language. Teachers need information about this achievement to be able to assess and make meaningful educational decisions. The field of language testing has been influenced by vast radical changes in many fields. In linguistics, many theories gave rise to studies about the nature of language use; being enriched by work in sociolinguistics, pragmatics, and the ethnography of communication.

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