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journal of Human Sciences

مجلة العلوم الانسانية

ISSN: 19922876
Publisher: Babylon University
Faculty: Education / Safi Al-DainAl-Heliy
Language: Arabic and English

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Humanities Journal

HJ is a precise scientific journal issued by College of Education for Humanities and started in 2010 to emit the rays of light to different research in both Arabic and English.
Before all, it is seasonal published four times a year.the scientific evaluation of all the researches are done at the hand of experts specialized academically and linguistically from inside and abroad.
One of the achievements the journal exudes is to issue a version exclusive to the yearly scientific conference into which many researchers, from Iraq and other countries participate. In the aggregate, the journal reaches fruition ,as it receives many notes of appreciation from Iraq and other countries for the meritorious efforts.

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Table of content: 2014 volume:1 issue:22

Arbitrariness As Seen By Arab and English Linguists

Authors: Jassim Mohammed Rayhan
Pages: 303-310

language is both individual and social process .It is individual in the sense that it expresses one’s thoughts and feelings .It is also social since its use demands , in most cases, a speaker and a listener. A pre-requisite for communication is existence of common ground on which the users of the language should agree.At present, Linguists realize that what is true of one language is not necessarily true of another .Thus each language is studied according to its logic. In other words, languages follow no universal logic. Each language provides an intricate system of symbols that dissects nature in its own way. It is found that every nation has satisfied in using its language as far as it achieves the individuals needs. Though languages have been found to be basically arbitrary. They are not based on logic as in the case of mathematical concept. It is hard to explain why this object or concept is given a certain name. Also if there are certain justifiable natural forms in every language , they cannot be regarded more than exceptions. Therefore, arbitrariness is the dominant Property of language and these exceptions support and reinforce that domination.


Linguists --- arbitrriness --- arab --- lnguage --- logic --- written language

Discourse Analysis in an EFL Science Classroom

Authors: Nadia Hameed Hassoon
Pages: 311-319

This paper presents a discourse analysis of a Grade 5 science lesson in a Baghdad school. The purpose and context of the study is described in the introduction of the paper. This is followed by a literature review where the function of discourse analysis and its utility in a science classroom are discussed in the light of scholarly research. Some of the common techniques and frameworks employed in discourse analysis in classrooms are also identified and discussed in the literature review section. The problem statement for the present research is presented and followed by the research objectives and chosen methodology. The analysis section of the report presents an extract from the recorded transcript of the lesson which forms the basis for the subsequent analysis. The analysis studies the use of functional grammar, vocabulary, inclusive language and nonverbal language by the teacher. This used to identify how discourse in the classroom influences power sharing and role definition in the classroom. The findings are then used to conclude whether the classroom presents an engaging

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