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مجلة علمية محكمة تصدر عن كلية العلوم الاسلامية جامعة بغداد، وقد صدر العدد الاول منها عام 1965.
الهدف: نشر البحوث المتعلقة بالدراسات الاسلامية واللغة العربية.
سنة الاصدار: 1965
الاعداد الصادرة 51 عدد

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جدول المحتويات السنة: 2011 المجلد: العدد: 27

الله(جل جلاله)في التفكير اليهودي

المؤلفون: سلامـــة حسين كاظم الموسوي
الصفحات: 39-87

1- Case of holiness either directed to monism or diversity, was not deep rooted in populations of Israel people, material and seeking to valued method in life was the only case that occupy their minds.
Barry said in his book (Religions of world ) :
Jews didn’t know the right god mostly in their history because he was not imagined for world , therefore didn’t reach to imagination unlimited god.
2- Religion of jaws is a racial religion , book addressed ((Readings in the world religions)) mentioned that (( the religion of jaws related with a specific nation , it is closed religion and not of invitation's religion , it is only natural expression for special people and part of social culture don’t accept strangers.
The bible mentioned the following :
((Neither publics nor private in god's group till tenth generation , no one enter in god's group forever)). What is mentioned here in the text that , once , it mentioned till the tenth generation , and once again mentioned forever and this is consider a clear contradiction.
3- Jaws specified themselves by (( yahoo)) and not permit for others to idolizing him or entering to its religion , and at the same time , they recognized with other gods idolized by non- jaws , but yahoo must be the only god for Jews that rising on other gods of human.
In the history of religions , Researchers lacking to the aim that Jews said about , it was not for a religious purpose , but it was material world and the aim was unifying thinking of Jews for enhancing their state and maintain it , therefore they related to (( yahwo)).
4- Disturbing ideas of Jews in their description for god and what have been mentioned in holy books , all of them drawing pure human picture for god and clarifying this picture from the overflow of descriptions that described Jews , one of these sensitive description is (that yahoo was walking in front of Israel people groups in column of .
5- Jews tended for choosing type of orders religious obligations according to personal standards in the individual desire.
6- Ambivalence in restriction by religious orders.
7- They tended to the hidden explanation and claiming in picturing creatures.

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روح القدس في المنظور المسيحيدراسة تحليلية

المؤلفون: ثائر غازي عبود
الصفحات: 89-118

This ring of the most important findings through research
1 - I got to know the meaning of the Holy Spirit in the language and terminology and stood by on the words related to the Holy Spirit.
2 - Adoption of the Christians in the year the Council of Nicaea (325 AD) Belief in the Holy Spirit.
3 - they recognized the Council of Constantinople in the year (381 AH) as well as belief in the divinity of the Holy Spirit with the addition of some attributes.
4 - but Christians with these statements express the clear truth about the Holy Spirit mentioned in the books of God's past and future, refuse them their error and malfeasance on the right went on the doctrine of the Trinity, which consists of them from the Father and the Holy Spirit and other things that they spend and they did and have violated the books of God has been downloaded.
5 - The Quran abolished all Christian beliefs in the Holy Spirit verses the data did not call them any excuse.
6 - the evolution of the idea of the Deity of the Holy Spirit when the Christians gradually take them up to bring out in terms of know not to say trinity and incarnation of God Almighty Valohip far above what they say.

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تطبيقات سد الذرائع للإمام القرطبي في سورة البقرة

المؤلفون: قاسم احمد جاسم
الصفحات: 119-146

Praise be to God, prayer and peace upon the Messenger of God, his family and companions and allies.
Our topic is applications excuses to plug in front of the verse in the Sura.

I've included the introduction of the Study of the first which we explained the definition of excuses and said the argument from the evidence that they have adopted and then Study of the second stand at each state quoted by Imam al-Qurtubi, Pena placements and the inference can prevent that and then we multiply examples of this.
We reached the following results: - Blocking of sources regarded in Islam, and concerning which the scholars in the face of it, but in fact they say it.

And the texts of the Qur'aan and Sunnah, and pious ancestors emphasizes bridging the excuses and care about, but without exaggeration or neglect.

And block the means of great importance in terms of which keeps people on the worship and found during this search effort of the Ancestors, which made me respect and courtesy for this generation Lord God supposedly from them, and praise be to Allah.

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إثبات جريمة زنا الزوجةفي سورة النور ..دراسة تحليلية

المؤلفون: زياد علي دايح الفهداوي
الصفحات: 147-188

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, prayer and peace on the best messengers Muhammad and his family and companions after a while:
Shall be deemed science of the interpretation of the most important science of his forefront, and his high stature, because the knowledge was honor by the privilege of his owner and his related, and the science of the interpretation related in Allah's book, and for this my research was marked by:
(verses to prove the crime of adultery at the wife in the Holy Qur'an, analytical study).
The reason of my chosen for this subject is to show Allah's mercy towards His people and save the husband from his confusion when tested with the woman obscene and save the wife of the accusations by some husbands as a result of jealousy or love of fame or revenge from the wife as a result of anger or nervousness or an abominable sect that lead to the corruption of belief, as to push of Yasser Al-Habib to defamation in the honor of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and he was throw Mrs Aisha mother of believers of adultery and cursing, I wanted to show the proof evidence of this crime on the wife and their provisions and their effects and the punishment of how throw the chaste women without proof or evidence, what about who has threw Mother of the Believers, and he was lying in Holy Qur'an.
In order to guide the religious people, and to establish evidence of the mercy of Allah on the creatures, My humble subject, has made the research in two subjects:
First subject: Overview on the verses of the Holy Qur'an contained, and includes five section:
The first section: an analysis of words.
The second section: the causes of revelation.
Third section: the readings contained in the verses of the Holy Qur'an.
Fourth section: rhetorical aspects.
Fifth section: to syntax.
The second subject: the general meaning and lessons learned from it: and includes tow section:
The first section: the general meaning.
The second section: evidence to prove adultery and its provisions and its effects.
Then the results and the epilogue.
The systematic in the search was collection the verses of the Holy Qur'an from the sixth verse to the end of the tenth verse of Surat Al-Noor at the beginning of the search, and my systematic was analysis, I begin by mention the verses of the Holy Qur'an and then analyzing the words, then why its going down, then the readings contained in the verses of the Holy Qur'an, then aspects of rhetoric, and then to syntax, then the general meaning then the epilogue which I have been include it by the most prominent findings which I reached it.
In conclusion, I do not claim perfection in my research, but I was looking at the Holy Qur'an, which Allah made it a miracle for all people, If I got in this was the grace from Allah and His Messenger, and if I missed in it so that from myself and the devil and I ask forgiveness for it.
After this round of scientific throughout surat Al-Nur. done by Allah's help to complete this research humble subject, I have reached the following results:
1 - The throw of chaste men and women have cause to the ejaculation punishment.
2 - In these verses of the Holy Qur'an, oath was called evidence instead of the evidence because Allah was called it evidence in his says: چ ﮰ ﮱ ﯓ ﯔ ﯕ ﯖ ﯗ ﯘ ﯙ ﯚ ﯛ چ
3 - and there are the signal if his oath was true, his oath of condemnation also true, This is the view of Imam Maalik and al-shafea'a.
4 - and there are a sign that Allah wanted shelter and compassion to the people, so Allah legislate oath of condemnation between the couple, if not oath of condemnation was legitimate that must cause of the ejaculation punishment on the husband despite the apparent of his sincerity, and if that enough of his oath of condemnation that must cause of the adultery punishment on the wife.
5 - There are a sign that the person who known of his adultery and fornication , and famously with carelessness and shameless so there is not a punishment on his launcher, because there is no dignity of the shameless.
6 - may not be indictment a woman based on suspicions and evidence are not religiously significant, as the woman Lamb despite she used contraceptives, and others.
7 - if the husband was proved the fact of committed adultery of his wife, and suggest for her husband her true repentance and he learned with certainty if he divorce her she lost herself and her children, so the shelter her is the best.
8 - who accuses his wife without any evidence it must cause of the ejaculation punishment on him, how about one who accuses the wife of the Prophet (peace be upon him ) the mother of believers Aisha (may Allah be pleased on her), which Allah acquittal her from above the seven heavens and revealed more than ten verses of Holy Qur'an in her acquittal, he has defamation the Qur'an firstly and in the honor of the Prophet (peace be upon him) Secondly, it must submit to the Islamic courts to execution the rule of Allah on him.

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الهدايا الترغيبيةدراسة فقهية معاصرة

المؤلفون: ليلى حسن الزوبعي
الصفحات: 189-258

يتناول البحث الهدايا الترغيبية التي تتبناها بعض الشركات لترغب الناس على شراء بضائعها أو تقوم بوعد من يقوم بشراء منتجاتها بإعطائه و منحه هدية مكافأة له على اقباله لشرائها. و قد بين البحث أن مشروعية هذه الهدايا مرتبطة بتأصيلها الشرعي، فهي لا تنفك عنه تأصيلاً ، و أخذ الهدية غير المشروطة بمنفعة جائز شرعاً لأن النبي صلى الله عليه و سلم قبل الهدية و لم يردها، و لكن الهدية ينبغي أن تكون في اطارها الشرعي، فالشركات التي تعطي هذه الهدايا تسمى الشركات الترويجية لأنها تروج لبضاعتها و جوز ذلك اهل العلم ما لم يكن مضراً بغيره من الشركات، و ما لم تخلف هذه الشركات وعدها اذا وعدت بالهدية من يشتري منها.

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النحو العربي محاولات تيسيره وطرائق تدريسه

المؤلفون: محمود حبيب شلال المشهداني
الصفحات: 441-485

This research deals with the importance of grammar among other disciplines of Arabic, the necessity of learning it to let native and nonnative speakers pronounce it correctly, and correct their speech and writing. In addition, it covers the reasons that make it difficult in teaching it, some of which are:

1. Misunderstanding the function of grammar and the ambiguity of the goals of teaching it.
2. Shortage of suitable grammatical texts, prepared especially for its learners.
3. Weakness in qualification of teachers and sterility of teaching methods.
The research concludes that the most serious cause of the difficulty of grammar and the failure of its facilitation through the ages is that rules of grammar do not apply to people's colloquial speech. This means the disappearance of the function of grammar, also, an indiscrimination of two levels in teaching grammar: theory of grammar (concept) and instructional grammar (practice).
The research covers the study and analysis of the most serious efforts of simplification by ancients and moderns, beginning with the experiment of Ibn Mudha'a al- Qurtubi and ending with Al-Jewary's. Also covered are the most important phases of simplification and its forms, stating my own point of view on its simplification and facilitating its methods of teaching.
I tried my best to cover the most widely used and spread methods of teaching it, which are: 1. Comparative method, 2.Inferential method, 3. Solution of problems method, 4. The 'what' method, 5.Modulated method (Integrational texts method) which is a form of integration in teaching Arabic.
It is indispensable to refer to significant modern trends in teaching grammar, focusing on Ibn Khaldoon's concept of forming fluency by studying beautiful texts analytically and the adoption of US and European designed programmes for teaching language, for these programmes influenced most of the international trends in teaching grammar.

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الخلاف في إعرابالمؤول بالمصدر بعد حذف حرف الجر


ملخص البحث
إن المؤول بالمصدر هو الاسم المؤول من حرف مصدري مع صلته , والحروف المصدرية هي (إنَّ) وجملتها الاسمية , و (أنْ) و (كي) و (لو) و (ما) ويليها الفعل.
والمؤول بالمصدر يعرب إعراب الاسم المفرد ويتميز عنه بجواز حذف حرف الجر قبله , فإذا حذف حرف الجر ففي الاسم المؤول ثلاثة آراء فهو إمّا يكون في موضع نصب وإما في موضع جر وإمّا يجوز فيه الوجهان.
وقد اختلف النحاة وتعدد النقل في هذا الموضوع ونسبت الآراء لغير أصحابها. وفي هذا البحث نسبنا الآراء إلى أصحابها الحقيقيين , واخترنا تجويز الوجهين في إعراب المؤول بالمصدر لأجل التوسع في الدلالة .

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الاقتراض في العربية

المؤلفون: مروج غني جبار
الصفحات: 515-566


Peace and blessings of God's creation on the elite companions of the Prophet Muhammad Amin and his family good and pure and his companions in Miami. After.. known that the language born of the need is usually acquired by one Akedzaba, and the meaning of this society that linguistically particular puts words to express the meaning of a particular, and then commonly use this word and spread by the community language all, and gained successive generations. There is no doubt that the word, while borrowing from the languageOthers are subject to the effects of environment and cultural differences as well as different sounds that make up the word borrowing, or to form away from the formats language borrowing, and usually cause the floor disturbance in the view of linguists, whether it be at the origin of its presence, borrowed or in their significance for violating the rules or assets Results by control their use and determine the content and explain the reasons they are received. Borrowing and the phenomenon of natural language known among the peoples since ancient times, which is one of the means of wealth growth linguistic It is not almost devoid of the languages of that by the impact and vulnerability among speakers takes language affected verbally or structures or sounds of another language, any language with a historical dimension, and withculture, literature and civilization, can not continue for long periods of her life, Menkvip the wealth verbal own without having the extended external from other languages and the exchange of influence between the Arabic language and sisters Semitics, and between Arabic and languages of Greek, Persian, Indian, and still the Arabic language in our time current borrowing from the language of contemporary as dictated by necessity and urgent need, which is not a new invention in this, but there are words of Sumerian into Akkadian, also entered the names of some characters for the Greek alphabet from the Phoenicians, and that the language of contemporary doing such as the language to different jobs, it is difficult identified; because the language is part of human behavior. And derive the language vitality of their interaction with the community are growing vocabulary due to factors different development, the language of living renews heritage verbal various factors: such as: providing wording of a new, or reviving some of the words abandoned in an orderly manner, or by derivation, sculpture, or by borrowing from other languages, and therefore Our research over the..
Research has shown the following results:
- borrowing the phenomenon of natural language known among the peoples since ancient times, which is one of the means of wealth growth of language as it is hardly devoid of the languages of so by the impact and vulnerability among speakers takes language affected verbally or structures or sounds of another language, any language with a depth of historical , and of culture, literature and civilization, can not continue for long periods of her life, Menkvip on the wealth of verbal without having the external extended from other languages.
- The word when borrowing from another language is subject to the effects of environment and cultural differences as well as different sounds that make up the word borrowing, or to form away from the formats language borrowing, and usually cause the floor disturbance in the view of linguists, whether it be at the origin of its presence, borrowed or in significance for violating the rules or semantic assets that govern the use and determine the content and explain the reasons they are received.
- is it important to study the phenomenon of borrowing in the knowledge of the inherent and the borrower of the language studied to correct rooting for the people of language borrowing, and find out what is one of the terms inherent in this language out of the question from another supplier and what is contained is authentic and then find out why this roses and what was behind it,and how it came about and any language is, and study the historical path to change the language borrowed in phases of growth.
- behind the process of borrowing several factors: the neighborhood, immigration, language development, and the need for cruel and needs, including: economic and commercial needs, the needs of political, administrative, military, cultural needs, religious needs.
- When in-depth research of the concept or term borrowing is found contains three terms at once: (expressed and outsider and foreigner refers to birth), and if we return to the historical origin of these terms, we find that expressed is a term borrowed Arabs loyal men in the era of protest, the intruder is the word I took the Arabic language in late stage of the era of protest and later-born grew term foreigner refers to the words that entered then at the hands of obstetricians.
- Arabic over the centuries renewed heritage verbal in many ways, including through the localization (borrowing) from the Persian, Greek, Syriac and other languages contemporary, as well as languages island (High), which is is the branch out, and I did the same thing in the modern era.
- The bug is in the borrowing out words on the morphological Arab buildings, and the sequence of votes is not uncommon it is not contained in the roots of authentic Arabic, and can have them as well as the possibility of non-derivative or derivative in rooting per standard single borrower to borrow a word.
- that there are efforts to Arabic dictionaries in said localized materials and establish it and some of the provisions of sound, construction and downstream where we find different materials in each language listed assets of women with non-Arab, making it the right of the nucleus of the borrowing language books.
- borrowing language leads to increased wealth for the verbal language of nationalism, which at the same time a cause of death of some words of native language, moreover, that he may receive the same terms localized death and extinction.
- The language in the sense of self-essence and function of language lend and borrow and those marked her life, Vallfez the borrower does not wait for rationing or prejudge but to enter the language imposed by the need and supported to use.
- combines the meaning of "expressed" and "outsider" when some linguists it is one or Kaluahd them, except that this meaning takes a different turn when some of the scholars of the language.
- The measure of the overall localization is on the axis of the time and outdated word indicates the melting and become a full Emtemhouda for the derivation of words but that there was difficult to be included in the language and are difficult to translate Vtguetrd and remain authentic in their own language.
- linked to the concept expressed the concept of localization, which is the product of the movement of translation and localization.
- The names Aloagamip not derived, which can not be ruled out that it is derived, although they give the impression that it was derived from the pronunciation, because the Arabic scholar prevented the derivation of the Arabic foreigner refers, if it accepts the word foreigner to gross an Arab in the letters, it does not mean that one is taken from the other.
- generator, which means the word used by Mestizo used contrary to the eloquent of the Arabs used it, or is accidentally transferred Mestizo Altjoz or derivation of the positive meaning of language which was known to the meaning of a new one was agreed upon, or what character is born on the year of vocabularyArab whether this distortion in the sound or significance or both.
- The great debate had taken place in Quranic studies and knowledge lingual Arabic between the applicants and remained alive down from generation to generation even penetrated his name researchers Late on whether in the Koran "words of an outsider, or were foreign antigen or expressing" has been split Almtnolun to this issue Groups: Team categorically rejected the idea of a single word expressing or generating or extraneous in the Koran, and the other team was of the view that there is a cryptic few used the Koran which are of non-Arab, so I came back from al-Dakhil, birth, and I said do not make their presence opposed to the textual evidence that shown on the "Arabic language of the Koran."

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منهج ابن خزيمة في قبول الرواية في صحيحه

المؤلفون: صفاء جعفر علوان
الصفحات: 569-604

Praise be to Allah , peace and praser be upon the best of the creatures , our prophet Mohummad , his family and his companians.
After this journey in saheeh imam al- aima ibn khozaima , ( would like to brief the results of this research as follow:
1. the Imam ibn khozima named his book ( mokhtasar al- mokhtasar from the saheeh about the prophet mohummad ) ( peace be upon him ). This name was well known among the scholars , named later as ( saheeh ibn khozaima )
2. the book had a good source briefed by ibn khozaima.
3. the book was saheeh like the saheeh of al- bukhari and muslim.
4. not all of the book was saheeh. Even if the hadeeth waas weak.
5. ibn khozaima briefed the hadeeth especially the long ones but he gaved examples.
6. ibn khozaima let his students write his book.
7. he was searching for the right original hadeeth.
8. the book is full of hadeeth and jurisprudence.
9. the titles of the subjects agreed with his views.
10. he wrote more about the strange hadeeth with their meaning or removed some problems with the narrators.
11. he gave his own points of views in subjects of hadeeth or jurisprudence.
12. his conditions about the narrators were the same of others.
13. he didn't study the incomplete hadeeth.
14. he didn't devide the hadeeth according to be as saheeh or accepted hadeeth.
15. he amended one of the narrators either by clear mentioning or giving another narrator in order to strengthen the degree of the source.
16. he accepted the dependable narrate.
17. he accepted the weak narrate with a reminder.
18. he didn't accept the liers.
19. he accepted the right origin in spite of its contain.
20. his saheeh sometimes had few weak hadeeth , most of them became strange by following up.

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