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Modeling and Evaluation of Queuing Systems
نمذجة وتقييم انظمة صفوف الانتظار

المؤلفون: Thahair A. Abdulah
الصفحات: 1-12

In this paper, two types of queuing systems are modelled and analyzed. These systems
are: single waiting line and multi channel queue and multi queue and multi channel queue.
The performance of the two systems is analyzed using the simulated and analytical method.
The waiting time of the two systems is evaluated. Hence, the optimum system is determined.

تاثير تراكيز مختلفة من حامض الجبرلين (GA3 ) على بعض صفات النمو والحاصل لنبات البصل (Allium cepa

المؤلفون: سيروان حسن صالح --- عماد داود عباس
الصفحات: 1-14

Modeling and Evaluation of Queuing Systems Use of ArtificialNeural Net work for Estimation of the Dissolved of Rutile Ore
نمذجة وتقييم الشبكات العصبيه لتقدير اذابة خام الروتايل

المؤلفون: Ahmed Falh
الصفحات: 13-28

This paper use artificial neural net work for state the fractional of dissolution rutile ore (TiO2)
with different condition ( Reaction temperature and acid concentration ,HCl) at different leaching
time ,tow neural net wok was proposed each one contain 20 samples (in put data) for training the
net work then 5 samples use to test the net work after training at different condition .
The results show the net work NO.1 give perfect estimation ,but the network No.2 was failed
to estimate the result ,also correlation factor is the most important factor in ANN(Artificial Neural
Net work) to give estimation for matching between experimental and target data.

Effect of stable costs on Optimum Solution for Numerical Programming Model
تأثير التكاليف الثابتة على الحل الأمثل لنموذج البرمجة العددية

المؤلفون: Mushtaq Talib Husain مشتاق طالب حسين
الصفحات: 15-31

Numerical programming can be applied with different jobs. On other hand, numerical programming problems are generally more complicated and longer time to solve than linear programming. In this paper, a study case of production planning and distribution is taken. In this problem, there are four factories; for each factory a stable cost. Each factory produces four types of products which are transferred to five central query centers. The researcher formulates the problem with two cases, first case: building a mathematical model for the problem using perfect numerical programming model without considering stable costs in formulation. The model is solved by package program (WinQSB) with net profit for company is 921166 $. Second case, the stable costs are considered for each factory in building the mathematical model for the same problem but by using binary variables for numerical programming model with solving by package program (WinQSB); then the net profit is increased by (33000 $), this means the total profit 954166 $. This presents the effective role for the stable costs on optimum solution and binary variables with logical conditions.

Pathological and Histo – pathological changes of Bursa fabriciousgland after naturally infection with GumboroIn broiler chickens

المؤلفون: Nidaa Hamdi khalef --- Maudhir Dakhil Mohammed
الصفحات: 29-38

This study was conducted to determine the pathological and histopathological change
,we use 10chickines 5 of them is healthy and the ether is infected .Use light microscope to
exame the histological slide , from this study , Bursa of fabricious in infected chickens with
Gumboro at age 3-4 weeks showed enlargement in the bursa size and weight with mucous
materials , blood spots small in size on the mucosal Internal surface of the gland Congested ,
red In colors or not according to the severity of infections, on the other hands the gland
atrophied after few days of infections .
Histological changes were showed lymphocytic necrosis and degeneration at the
medulla of the gland . with increased in Heterophils cells in connective tissue separate the
follicles more of themes thickness of epithelium covering gland.
increase in macrophages cells in also noticed . This changes affect the response of
immune system to anther infections diseases infected chickens with destroyed glands

الكلمات الدلالية

Study and characterization of acetylenn dimmers prepared using Oxidative coupling method
تحضير وتشخيص ودراسة دايمرات أستلينية جديدة بطريقة الازدواج الأوكسجيني


In this work five new acetylene dimmers were prepared ( three of them were Homo dimers ) : 1- 1,6-di (thio Benzo thiazol) Hexa 2,4 di(yne) (A) :- 2- 1,6-di(phthalmide) Hexa2,4-diyne (B). 3 - 4 ,5 - di phenyl 3-(2-propanyl) thio -1,2,4 –Triazol (C) (and the other two were Hetro dimmers ) : Hetro dimmer - 1- 1-phthalmide-6-thio benzothiazol hexa 2,4 di-yne (AB ). 2 - 1-phthalmide-6-[4,5-di phenyl-3-thio 1,2,4 triazol] hexa- 2,4 diyne (AC) Using , Oxidative coupling method from the polymerization of three terminal acetylene monomer prepared for this papas via nucleophilic reaction of the type SN2 between Propargyl bromide and the following reagents : ( a) 1 – S- Propargyl thio benzo thiazol 2 - N-Propargyl phathalamide(b), 3 - 4,5di phenyl 3-(2-propy nyl) thio-1,2,4-- triazol(c) thy were characterized by FT- IR and milting point measurement the results were corresponding with the theoretical Assumption the polymerization were underwent in an atmosphere of Oxygen in basic solution using copper salts (I) as a catalyst

Determination of stress directions using section and surfacecriteria in fibrous gypsum veins samples North Muqdadia(Al-Sidoor)/ East Iraq

المؤلفون: Munther Ali TAHA
الصفحات: 39-62

Many fibrous gypsum veins have been studied in Al-Sidoor area North Muqdadia city, East
Iraq; the study used surface and section criteria for estimating the stress phases directions that
the study area have been undergone. These veins grow in Injana Formation (Upper Miocene)
which is conspicuous in the axial region of Southern Hemrin anticline; cropping out within
horizontal beds of Sandstone, Marl and Siltstone. The study area effected by many tectonic
events after the deposition of Injana and Muqdadia Formations in Late Miocene (8 Millions
year. These tectonic events have recognized from the study of gypsum fibrous veins. Three
types of veins measurement have achieved; the first one attains a general study on veins
attitude; the second one studies plunge and azimuth of the fibers in the vein after the
measuring of the attitude of the veins in the bed; and the third type studies of slip movement
on vein surfaces. The first type gave one extension direction perpendicular to the veins planes,
this extension plunges toward the Southwest. The second type indicates that the study area
passed firstly by an extensive stage. The minimum stress axis (¥ٍ3) is plunged by an angle
about 30¨¬ toward the Southwest. This stage followed by another extensive stage related to
normal fault system, its minimum stress axis (¥ٍ3) is oriented Northwest-Southeast. After that
the maximum principal stress axis ( ¥ٍ1) has been rotated from the vertical to the horizontal,
then it suffered clock wise rotation from the direction Northwest-Southeast to North-South,
then to Northeast-Southwest and finally to East-West. Win Tensor Method of Delvaux has
examined the third type of measurement, on the paleostress reconstruction. Three stages have
recognized; the older one is extensive stage. The plunge and azimuth of (¥ٍ1) are at 65/098;
(¥ٍ2) at 24/295; and (¥ٍ3) at 06/202, the value of R is 0.67. The intermediate stage is
compressive and ¥ٍ1 at 12/001, ¥ٍ2 at 05/092 and ¥ٍ3 at 77/204, the value of R is 0.43, and the
ounger stage is compressive and ¥ٍ1 at 04/078, ¥ٍ2 at 40/345 and ¥ٍ3 at 50/173, the value of R
is 0.45.

الكلمات الدلالية

Solving Non-linear Volterra-Hammerstein Integral Equations ofthe Second Kind Using Modified Decomposition Method

المؤلفون: Chinar S. Ahmed
الصفحات: 63-70

In this paper, non-linear Volterra-Hammerstein integral equations of the second kind
(NVHIEK2) considered. The modified Adomian decomposition method is been used to solve the
NVHIEK2. Some illustrative examples are prepared to show the efficiency and simplicity of the

د ا رسة بعض الخواص الكيميائية و الفيزيائية لمياه الشرب والاستعمال المنزلي فيقضاء المقدادية - محافظة ديالى

المؤلفون: خالد ضياء عبدا لواحد
الصفحات: 68-86

Adsorption study of some derivatives of phenols on activatedalumina in aqueous solution
دراسه امتزاز بعض مشتقات الفينولات في الالومينا المنشطه في وسط مائي

المؤلفون: Wali. M. Hamad --- Sabeeh. J. Hassan
الصفحات: 71-81

The adsorption isotherms for five derivatives of phenol from aqueous solution onto a
surface of activated AL2O3 has been determined at 22°, 35° and 45°. The calculation showed
that these isotherms adopting langmuir equation rather than freundlich. Increasing
temperature lead to an effect on reducing amount of adsorbate without changing the pattern of
the isotherms.
This means that the mechanism is exothermic for all Investigated phenols. In this work
the values of +G was determined at 22°C and 35°C except for n-Nitro phenol at temperature
45° was used.

Text in Audio Steganography

المؤلفون: Salima Raheem Nsayif
الصفحات: 82-93

Because of the great development which occurs in information and the security
way of transfer them on world wide web, (Internet) and because of the great interest in
keeping on the secret information that have transfer on this net, many methods are used to
hide the information such as hiding information inside a sound.
In this paper, a proposed technique is adopted using non serial first bits of the wav
format sound file to hide secret message according to a certain equation known by the sender
and the receiver.
This paper concludes the possibility of hiding different text in different sound media
like music, songs and others. Also, it is possible to make the cipher key variable by using a
specific function, this will increases the security of the system, but this requires sending the
specific function to the receiver in some way may be by embedding it in stego-image or
stego-video clip.

الكلمات الدلالية

Text --- Audio Steganography

Recycling of food Oil residues and using it in the manufacturing of Detergents and Emulsions and its Applications in high active bio-disinfectants Industry
إعادة تدوير مخلفات زيوت الطعام في صناعة المنظفات والمستحلبات وتطبيقاتها الخاصة بصناعة مواد التطهير ذات الفعالية البيولوجية المهمة

المؤلفون: عبد الله حسين كشاش --- عمر حمد شهاب
الصفحات: 87-101

This work included the recycling of food oil residues used for preparing popular foods and used to be throne in the sewerage system of the city to be saved and used as a starting material to manufacture detergents ( soap and grated soap ) . Number of sugary Esters were prepared and were reacted with some sugars to prepare biodegradable detergents ( non Ionic ) and biodegradable emulsions by the effect of bacteria to form fatty acids and sugars ( nature friendly ) also these compounds have the ability to decrees the water s surface tension in addition to there different applications in detergent and emulsions industries , cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries because of there safe effect on skin and eyes . The reactions were followed using thin layer chromatography (TLC) and the compounds were characterized using FTIR Spectroscopy and some of there physical properties were studded to explore the possibility of using these compounds as detergents and emulsions and the results showed that the prepared compound have good cleaning and emulsification properties

Synthesis and Characterization of some transition metal Complexes of Schiff base derived from isonicotinic hydrazide and O-Vanillin.
تحضير وتشخيص معقدات بعض العناصر الانتقاليه من نوع قواعد شف المشتقه من ايزو نيكوتينك هايدرازايد واورثو فانيلين

المؤلفون: Sham Wali Qurban
الصفحات: 94-104

A new series of transition metal complexes of Cu(II) , Co(II) , Ni(II) , Cd(II) , Zn(II) and VO(IV) were synthesized from the Schiff base (L) derived from isonicotinic acid hydrazide and o-vanilline . Structural features were obtained from their metal analysis ,magnetic susceptibility , molar conductance , IR and UV-Vis spectral studies . the data showed that these complexes have the composition of ML3 type for Cu(II) , Co(II) , Ni(II) while ML2 type for Zn(II), Cd(II) and VO(IV) .According to the the UV-Vis , magnetic susceptibility data of the complexes an octahedral geometry was suggested for Cu(II) , Co(II) & Ni(II) metal ions and a tetrahedral geometry for Cd(II) & Zn(II) metal ions, while a squarepyramidal geometry was suggested for VO(IV) ion .

د ا رسة بكتريولوجية للمصابين بالتهاب الأذن الوسطى في مدينة بعقوبة

المؤلفون: صبا جاسم جواد
الصفحات: 102-112

DS – CDMAA New Method to Combine the Spreaded Users

المؤلفون: Montadar Abas Taher --- Riyadh Khlf Ahmed
الصفحات: 105-116

In all the CDMA systems (all types of CDMA systems), the signal to be transmitted
through the channel is real valued signal. In this research the signal is complex and can be
sent on I – Q carrier of the same frequency, it is possible to send the real valued signal by the
same method mentioned above but it must be normalized before sending it. In this method it
doesn’t need to be normalized. The bit error rate as compared to the conventional method was
very good. The program was written in Matlab 2009b

Study of Ivermectin effect on the bovine warts

المؤلفون: Thekra A . Ebraheem --- Saba J . Jawad --- Ghassan H . Jameel
الصفحات: 117-126

Cutuneous warts in bovine are benign tumors induced by virus belongs to
papillomaviruses family . Ivermectin drug used in treatment of endo and ectoparasites in
animals and to treat the bovine warts at a dose 300 microgroms / Kg . B . wt . sub
cutaneously .
Ten cattles were be used in this expirement , five of them injected subcutaneously at
the base of the wart and other Five injected also subcutaneously upper of the scapular bone
faraway the wart position .
Statistical analysis for obtained results reveals presence of singnificantly raised
(P<0.05)in the mean of total white blood cells count from (5.480±1.064)cell before treatment
and reach to (7.380±0.511)cell after treatment and the mean of lymphocytes rate from
(35.200±6.685)% before treatment and reach to (65.400±11.929) %after treatment .Also
reveals significant depression (P<0.05) in the mean of neutrophils and monocytes rates from
(57.800±6.685)% , (4.200±0.836)% before treatment and reach to (31.200±11.322)% , (1.600
± 1.140)% after treatment respectively .
Eight cattles were being recover from sum of ten cattles and the clearance rate reach's
to 80% without any side effect on the animals so the mean of total white blood cells counts
for recovered animals are showing in table -1 are being normal was (5.940±0.698) also the
mean of differential percentage of the white blood cells is returned normal , neutrophils was
(60.400±0.270)% , lymphocytes (33.600+3.209)% , monocytes (4.400±0.894)% , eosinophils
(1.200±0. 447)% ,and basophils (0.600±0.548)% .

الكلمات الدلالية

Ivermectin effect on the bovine warts

Morphometric parameters study for the lower part of lesser zap using GIS technique

المؤلفون: Hamed Hassan Abdulla
الصفحات: 127-155

The Effects Of Eexogenous Free Radicals And Ultraviolet CRadiation On The Cytoskeleton Membrane Protein Of HumanRed Blood Cells.

المؤلفون: 3Suad M. Al-Deen --- 2 May Anwer Raoof --- Zainab W. Abdul-Lateef
الصفحات: 156-165

Objectives: This study aimed to explore the effect of exogenous free radicals and ultraviolet
C (UVC) radiation on the protein and peptides of cytoskeleton membranes isolated from
human red blood cells
Methods: Cytoskeleton membranes protein of human red blood cells were isolated and
incubated with different concentrations of exogenous free radicals notably peroxynitrite
(ONOO-), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) or hydrochlorate (HOCl) for 5 minutes. In another series
of experiments, the cytoskeleton membranes protein were subjected to UVC radiation (λ 254
nm) up to 30 minutes. The total protein was measured spectrophotometrically by Bradford
method and the peptides levels were also measured spectrophotometrically.
Results : All the exogenous free radicals completely destroyed the protein of cytoskeleton
membranes of human red cells and this effect is associated with increase peptides level in a
dose dependent manner with ONOO- (65.86-329.34 μM), H2O2 (14.7-73.52 μM), but not with
HOCl (9.52-47.62 μM). Variable damaging effects of UVC radiation were observed on both
total protein and peptides. The effect of UVC radiation was not related to the exposure period.
Conclusions : Protein cytoskeleton membrane of human red cells is directly damaged by
exogenous free radicals and while the effect of UVC radiation is resulted from both direct
radiation effect, and indirect via releasing free radicals in aqueous solution.

الكلمات الدلالية

Heavy Metals in some soils of Baquba city: determinationDistribution and Controlling Factors
العناصر الثقيلة في بعض الترب في مدينة بعقوبة: تحديدها، توزيعها و العوامل المتحكمة في توزيعها

المؤلفون: Al- Adely J. A. --- Hussein Salah A., --- Kareem Khwedim H
الصفحات: 166-183

The objective of the present work was determining of some heavy metals levels (Cd, Co,
Cr, Fe, Ni, Pb & Zn) in the soil of Baquba city, to actualizing this target, (20) soil samples
were collected from different areas inside Baquba city, the averages values of (Cd, Co and Fe)
were within the international limits in the soil while the other elements values (Cr, Ni, Pb and
Zn) were over the international limits.
This study deals with the factors affecting the distribution of heavy metals in the soil (pH,
organic matter (O.M), quality and the ratio of the clay minerals and iron ratio). The average of
the ratio of pH for four selected soil samples (more and less four soil samples in the
concentrations of heavy metals) (9.1) that’s mean that soil of this area is basic and affecting
the mobility of the heavy metals and make them precipitate, while the average of the (O.M)
for the same samples was (0.76 %), mineralogical analysis for the soil samples was conducted
to know the mineralogy of the soil and the quality of the clay minerals in the selected soil
samples and types of clay minerals were (Palygorskite, Kaolinite, Montmorillonite) and the
average of clay minerals was (17.4 %), the ratio of the iron in the same soil samples was
(21532 ppm) this value less than its average in the international soils. We can conclude that
these factors don’t have an affecting on the distribution of the heavy metals and its increasing
and decreasing in soil, because of low values for these factors. In general the increasing of the
heavy metals in the soil due to the releasing of these metals from the by products of the
combustion of the fuel in different automobiles and the type of the mother rocks that formed
this soil which are rich with these heavy metals, using of fertilizers and discharge of industrial
wastes adding some heavy metals to the soil.

Determination the level of some trace elementsin sera of Iraqi patients with Viral Hepatitis B infection

المؤلفون: Maysoon K. AL-Shakly
الصفحات: 184-193

The objective of this study was to determine the levels of trace elements (copper Cu, zinc Zn,
ferrous Fe and selenium Se) in the sera of (20) uninfected control persons, (20) chronic
hepatitis B (CHB) patients and (20) Hepatitis B virus (HBV) carrier. Data showed a
significant increase in the mean values of Cu in (CHB) patients (1.58 ± 0.728 ppm) as
compared to uninfected control persons (0.513 ± 0.24 ppm), and a significant decrease in the
mean values of Zn and Se in (CHB) patients (0.34 ± 0.22 ppm) and (0.042 ± 0.014 ppm) as
compared to uninfected control persons (0.88 ± 0.17 ppm) and (0.059 ± 0.008 ppm)
respectively. While the mean values of Fe in (CHB) patients (1.211 ± 0.26 ppm) and
uninfected control persons (1.272 ± 0.27 ppm) show no significant differences. Regarding
(HBV) carrier group the mean values of Cu, Zn, Fe and Se were (0.543 ± 0.203 ppm), (0.89 ±
0.16 ppm), (1.252 ± 0.21 ppm) and (0.058 ± 0.009 ppm) respectively, these results show no
significant differences as compared to uninfected control group (0.513 ± 0.24 ppm), (0.88 ±
0.17 ppm), (1.272 ± 0.27 ppm) and (0.059 ± 0.008 ppm) with a (p values), (0.7), (0.7), (0.8)
and (0.6) respectively.
Key Words: CHB, HBV, serum (Copper, Zinc, Ferrous and Selenium), Atomic Absorption
Spectroscopy (AAS)

الكلمات الدلالية

CHB --- HBV --- serum (Copper --- Zinc --- Ferrous and Selenium) --- Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS)

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