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Kufa Journal For Veterinary Medical Sciences

مجلة الكوفة للعلوم الطبية البيطرية

ISSN: 20779798
Publisher: University of Kufa
Faculty: Veterinary Medicine
Language: English
Subject: Veterinary science ---

This journal is Open Access


Kufa j. vet. Sci. is a scientific and refereed journal published by the college of veterinary medicine , University of Kufa , Kufa ,Iraq. It publishes in English original and distinguished research papers , communications , research notes , case reports and reviews in all aspects of veterinary sciences .
Manuscript shall be considered for publication only with the understanding that they are neither under concurrent consideration by any journal nor have been published else where . Manuscript are subjected to peer review for their scientific merit .accepted manuscript will become the property of Kufa j . vet. Sci . the journal is published two times a year.

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Year Volume-Issue Pages
2018 Volume:9 Issue:1 Pages (1-92)
2017 Volume:8 Issue:2 Pages (1-195)
2017 Volume:8 Issue:1 Pages (1-267)
2016 Volume:7 Issue:2 Pages (1-253)
2016 Volume:7 Issue:1 Pages (1-160)
2015 Volume:6 Issue:2 Pages (1-215)
2015 Volume:6 Issue:1 Pages (1-195)
2014 Volume:5 Issue:2 Pages (1-366)
2014 Volume:5 Issue:1 Pages (1-150)
2013 Volume:4 Issue:2 Pages (1-79)
2013 Volume:4 Issue:1 Pages (1-161)
2012 Volume:3 Issue:2 Pages (1-150)
2012 Volume:3 Issue:1 Pages (1-203)
2011 Volume:2 Issue:2 Pages (1-151)
2011 Volume:2 Issue:1 Pages (1-171)
2010 Volume:1 Issue:2 Pages (1-103)
2010 Volume:1 Issue:1 Pages (1-229)