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Journal inspector general

مجلة المفتش العام

ISSN: 20788789
Publisher: Ministry Of interior
Language: Arabic and English
Subject: Art --- Social sciences (General) --- Law (General) ---

This journal is Open Access


Began issuing the magazine since 2010 its half-yearly ,it aims to spread research in the field of security and fight crime and combating financial and administrative corruption , the inspector general magazine published, the research and studies which received from researchers and academic and scientific institutions inside outside the minster, and not meant behind the publication profit, under the regulation for scientific publication.

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هاتف: 07719267555 سكرتير لتحرير البريد الالكتروني

Year Volume-Issue Pages
2018 Volume:1 Issue:23 Pages (1-254)
2018 Volume:1 Issue:22 Pages (1-252)
2017 Volume:1 Issue:21 Pages (1-256)
2017 Volume:1 Issue:20 Pages (1-237)
2016 Volume:2 Issue:18 Pages (1-330)
2015 Volume:1 Issue:17 Pages (1-204)
2015 Volume:1 Issue:16 Pages (1-207)
2015 Volume:1 Issue:15 Pages (1-277)