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Duhok Medical Journal

مجلة دهوك الطبية

ISSN: ISSN: 20717334 (online)/ ISSN: 20717326 (Print)
Publisher: University of Dohuk
Faculty: medicine
Language: English
Subject: Medicine (General) --- Dentistry --- Gynecology and obstetrics --- Complementary and alternative medicine --- Internal medicine --- Oncology --- Anesthesiology and intensive care --- Neurosciences --- Psychiatry --- Medical technology and radiology --- Nursing --- Ophthalmology --- Otorhinolaryngology --- Surgery --- Pediatrics --- Physiology --- Physical therapy (Physiotherapy) and occupational therapy --- Public health and social medicine ---

This journal is Open Access


Duhok Medical Journal (DMJ) is a peer-reviewed, Open Access and non-profit journal published biannually by Duhok College of Medicine, University of Duhok, Kurdistan Region-Iraq.
DMJ is sponsored by the University of Duhok- College of Medicine is a signatory journal to the uniform requirement for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals, February 2006 [updated 2017] ( It is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research and reviews articles in the aspects related to medical disciplines to ensure rapid and wide dissemination of the results of scientific researches to enhance the development of academic disciplines and serve the society. The Journal has obtained the International Standard Serial Number: ISSN 2071-7326 (print) and ISSN 2071-7334(Online). In addition, DMJ has obtained the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) from Crossref Organization which be identified via this link

To present your original work for should be submitted online in English together with Kurdish and Arabic abstracts should be submitted to DMJ online []

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Duhok Medical Journal,
Duhok College of Medicine,
Post address: Nakhoshkhana Road 9, 1014, AM, Duhok, Iraq.
Telephone no.: 00964-62-7224268 EXT 115

Year Volume-Issue Pages
2019 Volume:13 Issue:2 Pages (1-103)
2019 Volume:13 Issue:1 Pages (1-111)
2018 Volume:12 Issue:2 Pages (1-118)
2018 Volume:12 Issue:1 Pages (1-105)
2017 Volume:11 Issue:2 Pages (1-66)
2017 Volume:11 Issue:1 Pages (1-92)
2016 Volume:10 Issue:2 Pages (1-116)
2016 Volume:10 Issue:1 Pages (1-109)
2015 Volume:9 Issue:2 Pages (1-108)
2015 Volume:9 Issue:1 Pages (1-90)
2014 Volume:8 Issue:2 Pages (1-92)
2014 Volume:8 Issue:1 Pages (1-75)
2013 Volume:7 Issue:2 Pages (1-67)
2013 Volume:7 Issue:1 Pages (1-93)
2012 Volume:6 Issue:2 Pages (1-77)
2012 Volume:6 Issue:1 Pages (1-63)
2011 Volume:5 Issue:2 Pages (1-102)
2011 Volume:5 Issue:1 Pages (1-83)
2010 Volume:4 Issue:2 Pages (1-98)
2010 Volume:4 Issue:1 Pages (1-80)
2009 Volume:3 Issue:2 Pages (1-116)
2009 Volume:3 Issue:1 Pages (1-83)
2008 Volume:2 Issue:1 Pages (1-177)
2007 Volume:1 Issue:1 Pages (1-117)