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Iraqi National Journal of Earth Science

المجلة العراقية الوطنية لعلوم الارض

ISSN: 16823222
Publisher: Mosul University
Faculty: Science
Language: Arabic and English
Subject: Geology ---

This journal is Open Access


The Iraqi National Journal of Earth Science is one of the Iraqi Academic Iraqi Scientific Journals (IASJ). It focuses on all branches of Geology, in addition to remote sensing related to Earth science. The journal is peer-reviewed, open access and electronic version. It had been established in 2001, by supporting of the Ministry of High Education and Scientific Research of Iraq and publishing two issues per year by the College of Science/University of Mosul. The journal receives manuscripts that written exclusively in Arabic and English. The reviewers will receive vouchers entitling them to a discount on the article processing charges (APC) of their next publication in this journal. The manuscripts should be processed by Turnitin software to prevent plagiarism.
No. of pages per issue ranges between (6-15) pages
No. of issues published between (2001-2012) was (18) issues

Contact info

Phone No. 07703661567

Year Volume-Issue Pages
2019 Volume:19 Issue:2 Pages (1-152)
2019 Volume:19 Issue:1 Pages (1-97)
2018 Volume:18 Issue:2 Pages (1-121)
2018 Volume:18 Issue:1 Pages (1-183)
2014 Volume:14 Issue:1 Pages (1-89)
2013 Volume:13 Issue:2 Pages (1-84)
2013 Volume:13 Issue:1 Pages (1-137)
2012 Volume:12 Issue:3 Pages (1-85)
2012 Volume:12 Issue:2 Pages (1-100)
2012 Volume:12 Issue:1 Pages (1-94)
2011 Volume:11 Issue:2 Pages (1-99)
2011 Volume:11 Issue:1 Pages (1-84)
2010 Volume:10 Issue:2 Pages (1-110)
2010 Volume:10 Issue:1 Pages (1-90)
2009 Volume:9 Issue:2 Pages (1-65)
2009 Volume:9 Issue:1 Pages (1-84)
2008 Volume:8 Issue:2 Pages (1-90)
2008 Volume:8 Issue:1 Pages (1-63)
2007 Volume:7 Issue:2 Pages (1-108)
2007 Volume:7 Issue:1 Pages (1-74)
2006 Volume:6 Issue:2 Pages (1-84)
2006 Volume:6 Issue:1 Pages (1-88)
2005 Volume:5 Issue:2 Pages (1-113)
2005 Volume:5 Issue:1 Pages (1-87)
2004 Volume:4 Issue:2 Pages (1-98)
2004 Volume:4 Issue:1 Pages (1-110)
2003 Volume:3 Issue:1 Pages (1-102)
2002 Volume:2 Issue:2 Pages (1-69)
2002 Volume:2 Issue:1 Pages (1-124)