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Annals of the College of Medicine Mosul

مجلة طب الموصل

ISSN: 00271446 23096217
Publisher: Mosul University
Faculty: Medicine
Language: Arabic and English

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The Annals of the College of Medicine Mosul provides publication in all fields of medicine and medical sciences that are pertinent to the local and regional community. It is a scientific peered-reviewed journal to meet the needs of academics, practitioners, health policy makers and communities they serve in Iraq and in the Middle East. What's more, it is approved by the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for academic promotion.
The mission of the journal is to promote all branches and raise the standards of medicine in Iraq and in the Middle East. In addition, it aims at providing academically sound and clinically practical information for physicians for the promotion of their specialty according to each field of medicine.
The editorial board and peer-review process of the journal have full editorial autonomy. Prominent reviewers facilitate directing the journal to achieve its mission and foster regional and international participation.
The first issue of the journal was published in 1966 but ceased during 1983. At a later date, namely in 1987, it was restarted notwithstanding all obstacles; the factor which lies behind its uniqueness and innovativity.
The Annals of the College of Medicine Mosul got the ISSN in 1997 (ISSN 0027-1446) and got the eISSN in 2013 (eISSN 2309-6217). It is published biannually and accepts review articles, papers on laboratory, clinical and health system researches, preliminary communications, clinical case reports and letters to the editor, both in Arabic and in English.

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مكتب سكرتارية مجلة طب الموصل - كلية الطب - جامعة الموصل

Year Volume-Issue Pages
2019 Volume:41 Issue:1 Pages (1-94)
2018 Volume:40 Issue:2 Pages (1-76)
2018 Volume:40 Issue:1 Pages (1-63)
2013 Volume:39 Issue:2 Pages (101-185)
2013 Volume:39 Issue:1 Pages (1-100)
2012 Volume:38 Issue:2 Pages (1-90)
2012 Volume:38 Issue:1 Pages (1-71)
2011 Volume:37 Issue:1 Pages (1-137)
2010 Volume:36 Issue:1 Pages (1-156)
2009 Volume:35 Issue:2 Pages (93-166)
2009 Volume:35 Issue:1 Pages (1-92)
2008 Volume:34 Issue:2 Pages (81-182)
2008 Volume:34 Issue:1 Pages (1-80)
2007 Volume:33 Issue:1 Pages (1-69)
2006 Volume:32 Issue:1 Pages (1-73)
2005 Volume:31 Issue:2 Pages (52-99)
2005 Volume:31 Issue:1 Pages (1-51)