Iraqi Association for Oral Research
الجمعية العراقية لبحوث طب الفم

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Journal of Oral and Dental Research
مجلة طب الفم والاسنان

ISSN: 23106417
Publisher: Iraqi Association for Oral Research
Subject: Dentistry


The Journal of Oral and Dental Research (JODR) is an international peer‐reviewed scientific journal. The aim of the JODR is to publish high standard original papers related to dental, oral and craniofacial structures in health and disease. Basic research, clinical case studies and reviews will be considered for publication. The journal will be published biannually online. The JODR is the official journal for the Iraqi Association for Oral Research, the Iraqi Division of the International Association for Dental Research. The publication will be on a rolling basis, with manuscripts being published on the site as soon as they make it through the peer-review process. This increases the exposure of the articles and keeps the JODR current. Manuscripts are now being accepted and submissions are welcome from authors from around the world, for basic research, case reports and literature reviews. تعنى مجلة بحوث طب الفم والاسنان بنشر البحوث المتعلقة بانسجة الفم والوجه والفكين في حالتي الصحة والمرض، سواء كانت بحوث علوم اساسية ام بحوث سريرية ام تقارير لحالات مرضية مفردة

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