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الشارد والوارد

Author: أ.د. هاني صبري آل يونس طارق محمد أمين عبد الله
Journal: JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE مجلة التربية والعلم ISSN: 1812125X Year: 2013 Volume: 20 Issue: 66 Pages: 161-190
Publisher: Mosul University جامعة الموصل


الاستلامالقبول29 / 06 / 201119 / 10 / 2011ABSTRACT Modern linguistic studies have got used to evoke tongue secrets for certain concepts and alerting them in the memory of custom in terms of up building and production. Depending on the methodology of circulation in dismantling Alghufran Message by AbilAla' Alma'ari is considered a procedural classification level in linguistic studies surpasses the denotative level and searches in the relationships of marks of their interpreters such that bringing out language as being a performance and a usage. Something intrinsically might be confined to the sender's intentions and concerns about the way of how to employ different linguistic levels in a certain context. Abil'ala' Alma'ari in his linguistic production represents a rich source that could enrich the circulative search as being an intellectual and cultural product generated by the Arab intellect. Perhaps investing the rhetoric categories in Alghufran Message, stirring up the consolidating and the phonetic aspect as well as activating his tongue attribute; all these together has led to an effective rhythmic formation then corresponding it upon the circulative compounds of the significant focuses he has, particularly the phenomenon of good manners in its various meanings towards the authority whether in a real or in a metaphoric way. His care for the harmony between the styles of reality and metaphor as being two functions of continuity with much adherence to meanings and the rhetoric purposes that are derived from the texts' terms discourse.Undoubtedly, the lexical focus that he generated in his intellectual understanding reflects the communicative function in teaching the significance not the contrary. Therefore, he followed a circulative methodology that calls the custom as being a law in analyzing structural manifestations. Thus, circulation is done through verbal actions since he intended to specify the discourse, implying a certain benefit, stimulating an addressee or confirming the expressing message that he aimed at via depending on such great deal of denotative focuses among the utterances he had adopted as being a lexical focus presented by us as a lexicon for his style in Alghufran Message.Circulation in its predicaments, concepts, significance as a context of situation, the speaker' intent, making the listener understands and taking into consideration the relationship between the discourse parts; all of which could be considered a

ملخص البحثلقد درجت الدراسات اللغوية الحديثة على إثارة المكامن اللّسانية لبعض المفاهيم واستنفارها في ذاكرة العرف اللغوي بوصفه نظاما لا ينزاح كثيرا عن قاعدة الأصل إنتاجاً وبناء. إن اعتمادنا على المنهج الدلالي في تفكيك رسالة الغفران لأبي العلاء المعري يعد مستوى تصنيفاً إجرائياً في الدراسات اللغوية يتجاوز المستوى الأدائي ويبحث في علاقة العلامات اللغوية لمؤوليها مما يبرّز اللغة بوصفها استعمالا، وهذا بحد ذاته يمكن أن يوقف على مقاصد المرسل ويعنى بكيفية توظيفه للمستويات اللغوية المختلفة في سياق النص.

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