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Gas Sensitivity and Optical Detector of Indium Oxide films
متحسس غازي وكاشف ضوئي لغشاء اوكسيد الانديوم In203

Author: Enase Yasseen Abed ايناس ياسين عبد
Journal: Ibn Al-Haitham Journal For Pure And Applied Science مجلة ابن الهيثم للعلوم الصرفة والتطبيقية ISSN: 16094042 Year: 2016 Volume: 29 Issue: 3 Pages: 337-344
Publisher: Baghdad University جامعة بغداد


In this research, we studied the structural and optical properties of In2O3 films which prepared by chemical spray pyrolysis method on the glass substrate heated 400. The effect of annealing temperature 100for one hour on theses properties are studied. The result of X-ray diffraction showed the prepared films were polycrystalline and orientation was (222) before and after annealing, optical properties study for prepared films by using (UV-VIS-NIR) spectrophotometer in the wave length range (300-1100)nm, We found the transmission increases after annealing to 90%. Sensitivity measurement of In2O3 films for gas (CO) and optical detector showed that after annealing at temperature 100.

ذ فٟ ز٘ا ا ثٌحث دساعح ا خٌٛاص ا رٌشو ١ث ١ح ٚا ثٌظش ٠ح لٌاغش ١ح اٚوغ ١ذ الا ذٔ ٠ٛ In2O3 ا حٌّضشج تطش ٠محا شٌػ ا ىٌ ١ّ ١ ائٟ ػ ٍٝ لٛاػذ صخاخ ١ح عإخ ح ) 400( ٚت ١ا ذأث ١ش ا رٌ ذٍ ٠ تذسخح ) 100( ذٌّج عاػح ٚاحذج فٟ ذ هٍا خٌٛاص، اظٙشخ رٔائح ح ١ٛد الاشؼح ا غٌ ١ٕ ١ ح ، ا الاغش ١ح ا حٌّضشج رِؼذدج ا رٌث ٍٛس ٚراخ اذدا عائذ ) 222 ( لث ٚتؼذا رٌ ذٍ ٠ ،ٓ ٚذ دساعح ا خٌظائض ا ثٌظش ٠ح لٌاغش ١ح ا حٌّضشج تٛعاطح ) UV-VIS ( فٟ ذِٜ الاطٛاي ا ٌّٛخ ١حnm - )1100 300( فٛخذ ا ا فٌإر ٠ح تؼذ ا رٌ ذٍ ٠ ذضداد ا ٌٝ 80 %. ل ١اط ا رٌحغغ ١ح لاغش ١ح In2O3 غٌاص COٚوز هٌ ا ىٌشف ١ح اضٌٛئ ١ح ٚخذ ا ٙٔا افض تؼذ ا رٌ ذٍ ٠ تذسخح. 100

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