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القيم الجمالية للطبيعة الصامتة في شعر شعراء الطبقة الثالثة الجاهليين

Authors: فاطمة حميد يعكوب التميمي --- ياسر علي عبد الخالدي
Journal: Journal of University of Babylon مجلة جامعة بابل ISSN: 19920652 23128135 Year: 2015 Volume: 23 Issue: 3 Pages: 1140-1152
Publisher: Babylon University جامعة بابل


Was the nature of the silent presence in the hair poets third layer ignorant, as they ate each according to what he sees as the aesthetic values, has necessitated the nature of the search Tksmah on what seemed to them which of the features of the aesthetic, was photographed her partially detailed, adopted in which the power of the imagination, VtdmentIbyatem beautiful paintings of images and simulations Alastaaria and metaphors that Astmduha of the nature of their environment. -tnoat Features of the night in the hair genius Aldjada, owing to the diversity of feelings and attitudes to the poet himself.- While accompanied by night are beloved in the poetry of Abu Dhu'aybHudhali, that picture that I love the ignorant, which represented a look at the beauty found in nature elements.-oazar Color an actor in the night image when Chamakh, which color colors feelings to become a picture of himself, embodies the sense and spreads in others.-oabr However, the length of the night the intensity of suffering cosine at night if we know that the longest winter nights and painful.-schr Genius Aldjada vocabulary of nature, especially the stars in the making aesthetic ideal model to simulate sweetheart, an image of the stars when nearing sundown.-binmaChamakh resorted to exaggeration to describe the beauty of his beloved chose a star (Sirius transit) because it is linked to a private Bhaoh were not familiar with other stars.-ousour Abu Dhu'ayb lightning coming from the north like a big lamp cyan from the use of metaphor representative.-oozvLapid wind in the form of a symbolic show of generosity, using so Enaah.-binma Male genius Aldjada rain and Ghaith and made them a symbol referring to gloss clear sensory including good photography.-uwaytanna Abu Dhu'ayb be very exciting for the clouds and rain in the hour of the night, looks the best of form.- The draw for the panel, however, distributed elements of nature silent and animations together from clouds and the plant and animal vocabulary at the moment manifested all combined in his mind was presented by artistic style takes the mind of the receiver is the painting

كان للطبيعة الصامتة حضورٌ في شعر شعراء الطبقة الثالثة الجاهليين، إذ تناولوها كل بحسب ما يراه فيها من قيم جمالية،وقد اقتضت طبيعة البحث تقسميه على ما بدا لهم فيها من ملامح جمالية،فكان تصويرهم لها جزئيا مفصلاً، اعتمدوا فيه على قوة الخيال، فتضمنت أبياتهم لوحات فنية جميلة من الصور التشبيهية والاستعارية والمجازية التي استمدوها من طبيعة بيئتهم .

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