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The role of marketing information system in strategic marketing decisions
دور نظام المعمومات التسويقية في القرارات الإستراتيجية التسويقية:د ا رسة تحميمية لآراء المديرين في عينة من فنادق فئة الخمسة نجوم في مدينة اربيل

Author: Sami Saber Abdullah سامي صابر عبدالله
Journal: AL-Anbar University journal of Economic and Administration Sciences مجلة جامعة الانبار للعلوم الاقتصادية والادارية ISSN: 19988141 Year: 2016 Volume: 8 Issue: 15 Pages: 345-387
Publisher: University of Anbar جامعة الانبار


Marketing Information System as an independent variable consists of four dimensions: Internal Database Systems,Marketing Intelligence System, Marketing Research System and Information Analysis Systems, The Strategies of Marketing Decisions as a dependent variable consists of three dimensions: the Market Share, Positioning and Service Quality .To reach the objectives of the current research, the variables have been processed depending on Descriptive Analytical Approach, fifty seven (38) Hotels Managers with long experience and knowledge in the field of banking and its work were selected, Questionnaire forms were distributed among them which was designed as a data collection and analyzing tool in the field side so as to know:1. The extent to which the research samples were understood the importance of Marketing Information System and The Strategies of Marketing Decisions for their hotels?2. Awareness level of the respondents towards the role of the dimensions of the Marketing Information System used in the current research in strengthening the Strategies of Marketing Decisions in the surveyed hotels?To answer the above questions default models have been set on a number of fundamental hypotheses reflecting the nature of the correlation and impact between the dimensions of Marketing Information System and the Strategies of Marketing Decisions, using a combination of statistical methods to analyze and determine the results via SPSS-v-18.The research reached a set of conclusions based on the results, the most important:1. There is a strong positive correlation between the independent variable dimensions collectively /individually and dependent variable, it turned out that Information Analysis Systems dimension is the most powerful dimension in correlation with The Strategies of Marketing Decisions.2. The presence of a strong positive impact of Marketing Information System dimensions collectively/individually on the The Strategies of Marketing Decisions, it turned out that the Information Analysis Systems dimension has the most impact in strengthening the Strategies of Marketing Decisions.The search is over with a set of proposals in line with the conclusions to strengthen the base of this vital sector.

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