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Religious extremism in Arab societies Factors leading, consequences and confrontation An analytical study
التطرف الديني في المجتمعات العربية العوامل المؤدية والنتائج المترتبة والمواجهة دراسة تحليلية

Author: Mohammed Saif Al Shamsi محمد سيف الشامسي
Journal: Al-Adab Journal مجلة الآداب ISSN: 1994473X Year: 2019 Volume: 1 Issue: 130 Supplement Pages: 609-634
Publisher: Baghdad University جامعة بغداد


Research problem :The current research problem is to clarify some of the aspects and dimensions of the problem of religious extremism in Arab societies in terms of: the factors that lead, the consequences and the required response to this problem.The current research is considered as a theoretical and analytical research where references were used: whether dictionaries, books, or research published in magazines or conferences, or scientific theses, whether master's or doctorate, in addition to benefiting from some of the sites of the Internet in presenting and explaining the research topic.Research Aims:The current research aims at shedding light on the concept of religious extremism, in terms of definition, emergence, factors leading to it, and the consequences of it or its implications on both the individual and society. At the end of the research, some mechanisms were presented that could contribute to overcome the problem of religious extremism in Arab societies.Research Importance :1-The importance of this research stems from the seriousness of the problem of religious extremism and its repercussions and negative effects on the individual, the family, the community and the Islamic religion.2-The importance of the current research is also evident in the fact that it provides us with a set of recommendations and suggestions that can be used to overcome the problem of religious extremism in Arab societies, both at the level of prevention and treatment.Some Research recommendations:The research presented a set of proposals and recommendations that can be used to overcome the problem of religious extremism, such as: renewal of religious discourse , control of the religious platforms, revision of the educational curricula, the need to disseminate the correct teachings of religion, whether through religious, educational and mass media institutions , presenting leisure activities for young people , not relying solely on security confrontations against extremists and terrorists, applying a culture of soft power in the face of the problem of extremism in general and for religious extremism in particular.

تتمثل مشكلة البحث الحالي في توضيح بعض جوانب وأبعاد اشكالية التطرف الديني في المجتمعات العربية، وذلك من حيث: العوامل المؤدية والنتائج المترتبة والمواجهة المطلوبة لهذه المشكلة. ويعد البحث الحالي من البحوث النظرية التحليلية إذ تم الاستعانة بالمراجع: سواء كانت قواميس، أو كتب، أو بحوث منشورة في مجلات أو مؤتمرات، أو رسائل علمية سواء كانت ماجستير أو دكتوراه، هذا فضلاً عن الاستفادة من بعض مواقع شبكة المعلومات الدولية (الإنترنت) في عرض وشرح موضوع البحث.

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