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Growth and production of three potato cultivars as affected by organic foliar nutrition

Authors: Mohammed ZedanKhalaf AL-Mharib --- Fadhil Hussein Al-Sahaf --- Ahmed Hamad Mahmood
Journal: Kufa Journal for Agricultural Sciences مجلة الكوفة للعلوم الزراعية ISSN: 20727798 23128186 Year: 2018 Volume: 10 Issue: 4 Pages: 12-25
Publisher: University of Kufa جامعة الكوفة


An experiment was carried out in private farm in Radwaniah , 30 km westernsouth of Baghdad to test the impact of foliar spray by two organic fertilizers( Humistar and Vegeamino ) at three concentrations ( 0 , 1.0 and 1.5 ml.L-1 ) on three potato cultivars ( Ajiba , Riviera and Cardinal ) grade Elite . Plants were fertilized by using soil addition with N , P and K at rate of 120 : 60 : 200 kg.ha-1 applied to the soil. Foliar spray was applied twice to drip point , first at 45 days and second at 65 days post planting . Split – plot experiment design experiment was implemented where 15 treatment in each replication and three replicates were used. Results showed the domination of Ajiba cultivar plant length (88.42) cm and total leaf area (42.82)dcm2 . plant-1 , while Riviera cultivar had in plant greatest number of the main stem(4.69 stem.plant-1) , number of marketable tubers (6.91 tuber. plant-1), average marketable tuber weight (115.74 g.tuber-1 )and highest plant yield (834.12 g. plant-1 ) .On the other hand foliar spraying treatments of organic fertilizers, revealed that humistar at 1.5 ml.L-1 improved all vegetative growth and yield parameters as compared to other organic fertilizers treatments . Interaction was significant where spraying Riviera cultivar by 1.5 ml.L-1 of humistarhad greatest number of stems 5.58 stem . plant-1 , number of marketable tubers 8.14 tuber.plant-1 , average of marketable tuber weight 123.67 g.tuber-1 , plant yield 1027.11 g. plant-1 and highest marketable yield 53.69 ton.ha-1 . This conclusion from here ion was left humistar at 1.5 ml . L-1 as foliar spray twice ( 45 and 65 days post. planting ) is suggested to be used on potato plants to improve growth and increase marketable and healthy yield.

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