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التزام العلاج لدى مرضى ارتفاع ضغط الدم في محافظة دهوك

Authors: SIRWAN M. ASWAD سيروان اسود --- SAMIM A. AL-DABBAGH صميم احمد الدباغ
Journal: Duhok Medical Journal مجلة دهوك الطبية ISSN: ISSN: 20717334 (online)/ ISSN: 20717326 (Print) Year: 2010 Volume: 4 Issue: 1 Pages: 28-39
Publisher: University of Dohuk جامعة دهوك


Background Hypertension forms a major public health problem in Kurdistan region, IraqGood compliance to antihypertensive drugs is a key factor in controlling blood pressure.Aim To study compliance of patients toward management of hypertension in Duhok city,Iraq.Patients and Methods A cross-sectional study was conducted during four months period in2007. The inclusion criteria were patients eighteen years of age and above who were knownto be hypertensive for not less than one year. Information was obtained by direct interview. AMorisky-Green test was adopted to assess compliance to medication.Results A total of 707 patients were recruited for the study. The study revealed a 54.6%compliance rate. Statistically significant associations were found between compliance rate byMoriskey-Green test and old age, female gender, low level of education, averagesocioeconomic status, long history of disease, knowledge of using medication, perception ofhypertension as a health risk, presence of associated illnesses and practicing of life stylechanges.Conclusions and Recommendations More attention should be paid by health authorities andpatients to the hypertension problem. Patients should be aware about the importance ofcompliance to medications. Emphasis on Health education of hypertensive patients thatattend primary health care centers about importance of compliance to medication andcomplication of hypertension through planned health education program.

خلفية البحج: ؾٍد ارخفبػ ظغع اهدى يشنوج ضح جٍ رئ شٍ جٍ ف اكو ىٍ نوردشخب .ً الاهخزاى تبهؾلار ذاح اهي جٍ كضوى هوش عٍرث ؽوي اهيرط.الهدف: هٍدف اهتحد اهي دراشج الاهخزاى تبهؾلار هدى يرظي ارخفبػ ظغع اهدى ف يد جٌٍ دهوم.النرضي وسيبق العنل: خى اؽخيبد يٌع اهدراشج اهيلعؾ جٍ خلال فخرث ارتؾج اشهر ي ش جٌ 7002 . شيوح اهدراشج اهيرظي اهيضبت تبرخفبػ ظغع اهدى لانذر ي ش جٌ و اهذ اؽيبرهى نب حٌ 81 ش جٌ فيب فوق. خى جيؼ اهيؾوويبح هيؾرفج يدى اهخزاى اهيرظي تبلادو جٍ اهيخفظج Moriskey-Green تواشعج اشخت بٍ خبص, نذهم خى اشخخداى اخختبر هظغع اهدى.النثبئج: شيوح اهدراشج 202 يرطٍ. اغهرح اهدراشج تب شٌتج اهخزاى اهيرظي تبلادو جٍ اهيخفظج هظغع اهدى نب حٌ %6 . وجدح اهدراشج تب ه بٌم ارختبع يؾ وٌ ت شٌتج الاهخزاى تبلادو جٍ اهيخفظج هظغع اهدى واهؾوايل اهخبه جٍ: ..5 اهش خٍوخج, اهج سٌ الا ذٌو ,ً ا خٌفبط اهيشخوى اهخؾو يٍ ,ٌ اهيشخوى اهيؾ شٍ والاكخضبد اهيخوشع, الاضبتج تبهيرط هفخرث عو وٍج, يؾرفج ن فٍ جٍ اشخؾيبل الادو جٍ, وجود ايراط يزي جٌ اخرى و يزاوهج خغ رٍٍ اشووة اهح بٍث.الاسثنثبجبت والثوصيبت: جٍة ا خوه اهشوعبح اهضح جٍ واهيرظي يشنوج ارخفبػ ظغع اهدى اهي جٍ انتر. ؽوي اهيرظي ادرام اهي جٍ ك بٍس ظغع اهدى تضورث ي خٌغيج وخغ رٍٍ يٌع اهح بٍث تيب هٍدف اهي يؾبهجج اهيرط واهيظبؽفبح اه بٌخجج ؽ هٌ, اظبفج اهي اهخبن دٍ ؽوي اهي جٍ اخذ اهؾلار تضورث ي خٌغيج

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