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The therapeutic effect of Nigella setiva seed oilin treatment of chronic urticaria
التأثير العلاجي لزيت بذور الحبة السوداء في علاج مرض الشري المزمن


Urticaria is a common disease which affects an approximately 15-25o/o of the
population at some point during their life time.
Chronic urticaria indicates the presence ofhives for a protracted period (>6weeks).
Antihistamines, steroids and immune suppressants are needed for the treatment of
chronic urlicaric.This study was designed to investigate the therapeutic effects of
Nigella sative oil in the heatment of chronic urlicaria. The results showed that 400
mg twice daily of Nigella sativa oil (in gelatin capsule) was significantly increase
cure rate. It also significantly decreases logle IgE and improves tolerability ofpatients
to exacerbating factors.
The effects of Nigella sativa oil in urticaria could be attributed to inhibition of
histamine release, blocking of histamine effects and inhibition of ecosanoides
formation lrom arachidonic acid


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