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Malignant tumours of nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses in north of lraq a fifteen years retrospective study

Authors: Q Radwan قحطان رضوان --- Daoud S. Allos داود الوس
Journal: Annals of the College of Medicine Mosul مجلة طب الموصل ISSN: 00271446 23096217 Year: 2005 Volume: 31 Issue: 1 Pages: 17-21
Publisher: Mosul University جامعة الموصل


Objectives: To identify the different pathological types of malignant tumors of nasal cavity' and paranasal sinuses, their different clinical aspects, treatment received and prognosis in north of Iraq.Design : Retrospective study.Settings: Files of patients treated in the hospital of oncology and nuclear medicine in Mosulover 15 years period (1980-1994).Main outcome measures: Types, incidence, age and sex distribution, anatomical sites, clinical presentation, staging, method of treatment and prognosis.Results: They constituted 0.51% of all malignancies and 2.13 % of head and neck cancers.Sinus tumours affected both sexes equally as well as both sides. Nasal cavity tumours weremore common in male (male/female=1.4/1) and in the right side (right/left=1.33/1).Thecommonest age at presentation was the fifth decade.The most common presenting symptom was facial and nasal pain with average delay indiagnosis of about 8.5 months. Tumours of epithelial origin formed the majority ofcases (85.68%).All maxillary and ethmoidal cases were advanced at time of diagnosis (T3 or T4), while 60%of nasal cavity tumours were T1 and T2. 21.87% of patients had palpable cervical lymph nodes at presentation.The majority of patients received radiotherapy alone, few cases had surgery alone or both, but prognosis was generally unsatisfactoryconclusion: Malignant tumours of nose and sinuses are rare in north of lraq, are usuallyadvanced at presention , and carry poor prognosis.keywords: Malignant Tumours , Nasal Cavity , Paranasal Sinuses

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