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صفات السائل المنوي لذكورالبط المحليالعراقي وتاثير تكرار عملية الجمع على نوعية السائل المنوي

Author: R. K. Mossa رياض كاظم موسى
Journal: Basrah Journal of Veterinary Research. مجلة البصرة للابحاث البيطرية ISSN: Print:18138497 E; 24108456 Year: 2006 Volume: 5 Issue: 2 Pages: 146-152
Publisher: Basrah University جامعة البصرة


A total of 24 adult male aged 32 weeks from Iraqi local drakes were used inthis study to determined some semen characterization, drakes devided randomly intothree equal groups and subjected to three semen collection frequencies (once daily,twice daily and once every 2 days) for- 18 consecutive days.The study revealed the following results:1- Semen characteristics of Iraqi local drakes were, semen volume 0.65ml,spermatozoa concentration 3.52 X 10 9, sperm motility and Abnormality81.64, 13.14% respectively, pll value 7.1 and individual motility 84.2%. Theconcentration of glucose, protein and cholesterol in semen plasma were95.8ml/100ml, 1.22mg/ 100 ml and 102.4 Mnol/ml respectively.2— The total mean semen volume over 18 days period and total number ofspermatozoa produced by the drakes increased significantly as the collectionfrequency in creased from once over 2 days to twice daily from 3.42 to8.90ml and 5.85 x 109 to 10.72 x 109 respectively.3- The average semen volume per collection and the average number ofspermatozoa per ejaculate decreased significantly as the collection frequencyincreased from once over 2days to twice daily from 0.91 to 0.67ml and 1.96 X109 to 0.92 X 10 9 respectively. 1-, 4- No significantly difference showed on concentration of spermatozoa with the .frequency of collection over 3 periods.5- Analysis of semen from birds were ejaculated twice daily was showed that thesecond collection inferior to the first in total number of spermatozoa, totalvolume of semen and concentration of spermatozoa.


Ejaculate --- Frequency --- Sperm

DNA content of Spermatozoa with respect to Seminal Sperm Concentration using a Microchemical Spectrophotometric Method

Authors: Faraid A. AL- chalabi --- Munaf S. Daoud*
Journal: Journal of the Faculty of Medicine مجلة كلية الطب ISSN: 00419419 Year: 2006 Volume: 48 Issue: 4 Pages: 410-412
Publisher: Baghdad University جامعة بغداد


Background: To determine the DNA content in subfertile patients and to correlate it
with seminal sperm concentration.
Design: Prospective observational study.
Setting: College of Medicine, Dept. of Physiological chemistry and Institute for
embryo Research and infertility treatment-University of Baghdad.The study was conducted through years 2004-2005.
Methods: A random sample of 61 subfertile male patients undergoing semen evaluation and aged from 20-45 years were studied. Semen samples were assessed for seminal sperm concentration microscopically and were classified into 3 different groups according to count (million/ml).Then sperm D N A content (µg/ml) was estimated using a microchemical spectrophotometric method.
Results: The three groups were statistically of significant difference( P <0.01 ).The D N A concentration per spermatozoan in Gr.III ( 1 20 million/ml) was higher than the other two groups It was also noticed that there was a statistically significant (P< 0.05 ) correlation in Gr.III b etween D N A content and sperm concentration . No significant (P >0.05 )correlation was observed in the other two groups (Gr. I & Gr. II ).
Conclusion: Significant positive correlation was obtained between sperm concentration and DNA content. in the oligozoospermic subfertile patient , but no significant correlation was found in the normozoopermic patients . D N A content per spermatozoan from oligozoospermic patients was higher than that in normozoospermic patients.

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